Telkom Kenya Products: Updated List

Discover Latest Telkom Kenya Products

Here are some products and services offered by Telkom Kenya:

  1. Telecommunications Services: Telkom Kenya is an integrated telecommunications provider offering various services such as mobile and landline phone services. They provide voice calls, text messaging (SMS), and data services for both prepaid and postpaid customers.
  2. Home Plans: Telkom Kenya offers home data bundles for customers who want to use their services for internet connectivity at home. These bundles are designed to provide fast 4G internet for work and entertainment purposes.
  3. International Bundles: Telkom Kenya provides international bundles for customers who need to make international calls or send SMS messages to other countries.
  4. Business Solutions: Telkom Kenya offers various products and services tailored to the needs of businesses. These include business SIP trunk solutions for seamless communication, as well as other business-oriented services and packages.
  5. Internet Services: Telkom Kenya provides internet services, including fixed broadband for homes and businesses. They offer different data plans and packages to cater to various usage needs.
  6. Money Transfer: Telkom Kenya is involved in money transfer services, although specific details about these services are not available in the search results.


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