How To Check Subscriptions On Telkom Kenya

How To Check Subscriptions On Telkom Kenya

To check your subscriptions on Telkom Kenya, you can use the following methods:

Using Telkom Mobile App

If you have the Telkom mobile app installed on your phone, you can follow these steps:
a. Open the Telkom mobile app.
b. Click on “My Products” or a similar option.
c. Select “Subscriptions” or a relevant menu.
d. Look for “Content Services” or a similar category to view your subscriptions.

Using USSD code

You can check your subscriptions on Telkom Kenya by dialing *456# from your Telkom line.

Then follow these steps:
a. In the SMS Services menu, select the “Premium Subscription” option.
b. Choose “Unsubscribe” to cancel a subscription or “My Active SMS Services” to view your active subscriptions .
c. Select the number of the premium service from the list or enter it manually.

Remember to review your subscriptions carefully and unsubscribe from any services you no longer wish to use or are unfamiliar with to avoid unwanted charges.

Additionally, if you have difficulties or need further assistance, you can reach out to Telkom customer service through their call center by dialing 100 on Telkom network, or 020-2221000 from other networks.


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