How To Reactivate Telkom Sim Card In Kenya

How To Reactivate Telkom Sim Card In Kenya

To reactivate a Telkom SIM card in Kenya, you may need to follow certain steps depending on the circumstances. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Check registration status: If your Telkom SIM card has been deactivated, it’s important to ensure it is properly registered. The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has mandated SIM card registration to combat fraud and improve security. You can check the registration status of your Telkom SIM card online using the provided registration portal.
  2. Contact Telkom customer care: If your Telkom SIM card has been deactivated and you have confirmed that it is not a registration issue, it is recommended to contact Telkom customer care for further assistance. They can help troubleshoot the specific reasons for the deactivation and guide you on the reactivation process. You can reach Telkom customer care by dialing 100 from your Telkom network or 020-2221000 from other networks.
  3. Visit a Telkom service center: In some cases, you may be required to visit the nearest Telkom service center to reactivate your SIM card. The customer care representative can provide you with the necessary guidance and support to complete the reactivation process.

Note that the reactivation process for Telkom SIM cards may vary depending on the specific circumstances and regulations in place at the time.

Therefore, it is advisable to reach out to Telkom customer care directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the reactivation process of your Telkom SIM card in Kenya.


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