latest Telkom Kenya Wifi Packages

Latest Telkom Kenya Wifi Packages

Here is information about Telkom Kenya’s WiFi packages:

Home Plans with 4G Home Data Bundles

Telkom Kenya offers 4G Home Data Bundles for customers who want to have WiFi connectivity at home. These bundles provide fast internet access for work and entertainment purposes. The available packages include:

  • Daily 5GB
  • Monthly 12GB
  • Monthly 30GB
  • Monthly 50GB
  • Unlimited* (Capped at 13.3GB Fair Usage Policy, with 400GB/month) [1]

Telkom WiFi Deals

Telkom Kenya offers WiFi deals through their Home Plan. To access Telkom WiFi, you will need a 4G router and a 4G SIM card.

Unfortunately, specific details about the WiFi packages, such as pricing and data allowances, are not available.

Telkom WiFi Router Prices

According to my research, Telkom WiFi router prices in Kenya are approximately Ksh. 5,000, and the SIM card costs around Ksh. 50.

Visit Telkom Kenya’s official website or contact their customer care for the most up-to-date and detailed information on their WiFi packages.


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