Where To Buy Faiba Sim Cards In Nairobi

Where To Buy Faiba Sim Cards In Nairobi

To purchase Faiba SIM cards in Nairobi, Kenya, you have multiple options available. Here is the information gathered from the web search results:

1. Faiba Shop at Jamii Towers, Upper Hill: You can visit the Faiba Shop located at Jamii Towers in Upper Hill, Nairobi, to buy Faiba SIM cards.

2. Compnet Advisory Systems Limited: Another place where you can buy Faiba SIM cards in Nairobi is Compnet Advisory Systems Limited. Further details about the exact location are not provided in the search results.

3. Faiba Shop at ODEON Latema: There is a Faiba Shop located at ODEON Latema in Nairobi..

Please note that these are a few of the locations mentioned in the search results. 

There might be additional Faiba retail shops or authorized dealers in Nairobi where you can purchase Faiba SIM cards. 

It is recommended to contact the Faiba customer care or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information on shop locations and availability.


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