How Can I Get My Faiba Number in Kenya?

How Can I Get My Faiba Number in Kenya?

To get your Faiba number in Kenya, you have a few methods available. Based on the search results, here’s how you can obtain your Faiba number:

  1. USSD Code: Dial the USSD code *130# from your Faiba line. Your Faiba number will be displayed in the dialogue box along with your current tariff plan [1][4].
  2. Faiba App: If you have the Faiba app installed on your mobile device, you can check your Faiba number using the app. The app provides features such as checking balance and usage, buying airtime, and purchasing bundles [7].
  3. Online Banking/Pesalink: For reference purposes, you can enter “JTLXX” in online banking where “XX” represents your JTL Faiba account number. Additionally, under Pesalink, you can select “Send to Phone Number” and enter 0747 77 66 11 [3].

These methods should help you easily access and verify your Faiba number. It is advisable to save your Faiba number in your contact list to ensure you don’t forget it in the future.


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