Discover the easiest way to buy Faiba bundles in Kenya. Learn the steps and get connected quickly and easily with our comprehensive guide.

How Can I Buy Faiba Bundles in Kenya?

To buy Faiba bundles in Kenya, you have several methods available to you. Here are the different ways to purchase Faiba bundles as per the search results:

  1. USSD Code: You can use the USSD code to buy Faiba bundles. Simply dial *111# from your Faiba line and select the option to buy Faiba bundles. You can then choose the type of bundle you want to purchase, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, and confirm the purchase.
  2. Online Purchase: Another convenient method is to buy Faiba bundles online. You can access the JTL self-service website or download the Faiba App from the Google Play Store to make your purchase.
  3. M-PESA, Pesa Link, and Equity Bank: Faiba bundles can also be purchased using mobile payment services like M-PESA, Pesa Link, and Equity Bank. You can follow specific instructions provided in the search results to complete the purchase using these payment methods.

Additionally, Faiba offers various bundle deals with different data allowances and validity periods.

The available bundles include unlimited Faiba to Faiba calls and SMS, minutes to other networks, and data allowances ranging from 7GB and more.

You can also find data bundle deals offering different amounts of data at affordable prices.

To summarize, you can buy Faiba bundles in Kenya using methods such as USSD code, online platforms, or mobile payment services like M-PESA, Pesa Link, and Equity Bank.

Make sure to choose the bundle type and duration that suits your needs and follow the specific instructions provided for each method.


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