Why Is My Faiba Mifi Slow? And How To Fix It

Why Is My Faiba Mifi Slow? And How To Fix It

If your Faiba MiFi is experiencing slow speeds in Kenya, there could be several reasons behind it.

Here are some potential factors that could contribute to slow Faiba MiFi performance based on the web search results:

  1. Limited Coverage: As mentioned in one of the search results, Faiba’s network coverage may still be limited in some areas of Kenya. If you are in an area with weaker signal strength or limited coverage, it can result in slower internet speeds on your Faiba MiFi.
  2. Network Congestion: High network traffic and congestion can also impact the speed of your Faiba MiFi connection. During peak hours or in densely populated areas where many users are accessing the network simultaneously, you may experience reduced speeds.
  3. Device Compatibility: It is important to ensure that your device is compatible with the Faiba 4G network. Some older devices or devices not specifically designed for Faiba’s network may not support the required network bands, leading to slower speeds or limited connectivity.
  4. Interference and Obstacles: The presence of physical obstacles like walls, buildings, or natural terrain can weaken the signal strength and result in slower speeds. Additionally, nearby electronic devices or sources of electromagnetic interference may also impact the performance of your Faiba MiFi.
  5. Network Management: Internet service providers, including Faiba, may implement network management practices to ensure fair usage and maintain overall network performance. If you have exceeded certain data thresholds or if your usage coincides with periods of network congestion, your speeds may be temporarily reduced as part of these management practices.

If you are experiencing consistently slow speeds with your Faiba MiFi, it is recommended to contact Faiba customer support or visit their official website for assistance.

They can provide specific troubleshooting steps or address any network-related issues that might be affecting your MiFi’s performance.


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