The Best Woofer Prices in Kenya

The Best Woofer Prices in Kenya

Are you looking for the best music systems? Here are cheap Woofer prices in Kenya.

In fact, most of these items are on offer, so, go ahead browse through.

Remember, if you like any, you must act immediately or it’s gone.

Table Showing Woofer Prices on Jumia

PositionProduct NameCurrent PriceOriginal PriceDiscount
1Vitron V527 Tallboy Sub Woofer Home Theatre 2.1 ChKSh 6,147KSh 10,00039%
2Amtec AM-808 Sub Woofer Sound System -BT/USB/FM-4,000 WATTSKSh 3,100KSh 3,3006%
3Vitron 2.1 CH Multimedia Speaker BT/USB/SD/FM - 9000WKSh 6,199KSh 9,99938%
4Amtec AM-01 2.1CH Multimedia Speaker BT/USB/SD/FM - BlackKSh 5,899KSh 6,80013%
5Nobel Woofer-22000W PMPO-Bluetooth/USB/SD/FMKSh 13,880KSh 19,00027%
6Amtec AM-108 2.1CH Subwoofer Home Theatre System, BT/USB/FM- AC/DC - Black/YellowKSh 3,200KSh 3,90018%
7Amtec Sound Bar Sub Woofer HOME THEATRE-BT/fm/usb-20,000WKSh 5,910KSh 6,99916%
9Sonac 3.1 Ch Bluetooth Woofer System 3D Real SoundKSh 5,500KSh 9,50042%
10Vitron V527 SubWoofer Home Theatre 2.1 With Free HeadsetKSh 6,497KSh 10,00035%
11Amtec AM-006 Amtec 15000W MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM 2.1CH FM/SD/BT/USBKSh 7,998KSh 9,50016%
12Amtec 5.1CH 10000W HI-FI SUBWOOFER FM/BT/SD/USBKSh 6,300KSh 8,00021%
14Vitron Hometheatre Subwoofer System-BT/FM/USBKSh 6,498KSh 11,00041%
15Amtec Sub Woofer Sound System-BT/USB/FM-8,000 WATTS-KSh 4,699KSh 5,50015%
17VON HA2031B/VES0202ES 2.1 Subwoofer - 20WKSh 5,195Official Store
18Vitron 3.1 HOME THEATER SYSTEM BLUETOOTH - 10000W.KSh 5,548KSh 6,99921%
19T&G Portable Bluetooth Speaker-Subwoofer-Phone StandKSh 590KSh 1,00041%
20Amtec 2.1CH HOME THEATRE SYSTEM USB/SD/FM 5000W-Amtec Blue/RedKSh 3,800KSh 4,50016%
22Amtec Amtec-609 3.1 Multimedia Sound System 8000W BLACKKSh 5,000KSh 7,50033%
24Vitron Modern Day Classic Hometheatre Music System 2.1CHKSh 6,499KSh 12,20047%
25WEYON 817 3.1ch Blutooth Speaker Home ThreaterKSh 5,990KSh 9,58838%
26Vitron Superior Bass Subwoofer-BT/USB/MC/FM Radio-BlackKSh 6,699KSh 11,28941%
27Nunix Mini HomeTheater ,sub Woofer Speaker System M8KSh 5,789KSh 8,86535%
28Vitron V643 3.1CH HI-FI MULTIMEDIA SEAKER SYSTEMKSh 5,597KSh 6,99920%
29Amtec 2.1CH AC/DC Sub Woofer FM USB Bluetooth SD FM AUXKSh 3,699KSh 5,50033%
30Amtec AM-011 Sub Woofer Bluetooth,FM,USB-2.1 CHKSh 3,878KSh 5,43329%
31Homestar HS-1092 3.1CH BLUETOOTH SPEAKER SYSTEM - 45000WKSh 6,490KSh 10,20036%
32Iconix Sub Woofer HOME THEATRE- BLUETOOTH- USB/FMKSh 3,899KSh 5,99935%
33Vitron 3.1C SUB-WOOFER SYSTEM 10000W+Free 8gb Flash+ 4WayKSh 6,498KSh 11,99046%
34Ampex 2.1CH Subwoofer System USB/BT/SD/FM RadioKSh 3,699KSh 7,10048%
35Amtec 2.1CH Sub Woofer 3000 Watts , Bluetooth , FM , USB + Free ExtensionKSh 3,999KSh 6,00033%
37Vitron 2.1CH Amazing Home Theatre System Earth ShakingKSh 6,299KSh 8,99930%
38Vitron Bluetooth Enabled Hometheatre Music System 3.1CHKSh 5,789KSh 11,00047%
39Amtec 3.1CH SUPER BASS 20000W PMPO BT/USB/SD/FMKSh 6,999KSh 7,99913%
40Vitron Top Ultra Bass Subwoofer Music System BT/USB/FMKSh 6,095KSh 12,06049%

Haier Woofer in Kenya

Woofer prices in Kenya

Haier Home Appliances and Electronics is one of the world’s top-selling home appliance and electronic companies in Kenya.

Haier Woofer is a speaker that gives you the most incredible sound quality and bass.

It has a USB port for charging devices, an FM Radio with remote control, and an LED light display to match the rhythm of your music.

This speaker is truly versatile and will make any party or gathering more dynamic!

It helps brings the unexpected to life.

I won’t bore you with the nerdy details of this subwoofer, but here is something you should know;

This Haier woofer will surpass all of your expectations because of the sound quality.

Who should buy it?

If you love extreme entertainment and value perfect sound quality, this is the woofer for you in Kenya.

Enjoy your movies and music with sound clarity like never before. 

Haier Woofer Features summary

  • USB Connectivity
  • FM Radio
  • Remote Control
  • Output Power: 80W + 15*2
  • Frequency: Subwoofer 40Hz – 250KHz
  • Satellite: 250KHz – 20KHz
  • Power: 100V – 240V 50/60Hz
  • Superior Audio Clarity

Haier Subwoofer price in Kenya

 As we speak, haier subwoofer price in Kenya is KSh 9,795 on Jumia.

AILYONS ELP-2561, 3D Acoustic Multimedia Speaker System

Woofer prices in Kenya

Going for KSh 2,550 on Jumia, this Subwoofer is exactly what you need if you don’t have a big budget to get home theater.

Works perfect and connects to bluetooth.

It will give you the best quality sound in a neat, compact unit. 

Also, you can arrange it easily to fit your living room design, if you are going for that classy look.

AILYONS Woofer summary features

  • 3D acoustic technology
  • Powerful and cinema-grade bass surround
  • Dynamic and magic lantern effect
  • BT,FM,USB/TF,AUX,LED display,AC/DC(2025*2 IC)
  • Comes with a built-in powerful amplifier
  • Fully functional remote control
  • Master volume with treble and bass control

AILYONS Woofer prices in Kenya

As mentioned earlier, you can get this woofer on Jumia today for less than 3K.

Customer ratings

The woofer is rated 4.3/5 (????)stars on Jumia.

Look at what customers think about it:

Woofer prices in Kenya and reviews

Dream Sound Series D-7030 3.1CH Speaker System 60W

This is another one of the best woofers in Kenya.

The Dream Sound Woofer is a high-tech multimedia speaker with a super bass surround.

It features Aux, support USB and Bluetooth, and the PMPO of 10,000W.

This speaker is designed to deliver superb sound quality for any type of music or audio you want to play through it.

It also has incredible volume to enjoy your favorite tunes at their peak performance levels! The woofer comes in two colors: black and white.

Woofer prices in Kenya

Summary features

  • Amazing Sound with super Bass surround
  • Hightech Multimedia
  • Aux
  • Support USB and Bluetooth
  • 10000W PMPO

Dream Sound Woofer prices in Kenya

As of now, this home music system is going for KSh 5,695 on Jumia.

Remember, the price will shoot after the tech week is over.

Customer ratings

This woofer is rated 4.3/5 with over 99 ratings.

Look at some of them:

Woofer prices in Kenya

Amtec AM-005 2.1CH Hi-Fi System – 40W

Woofer prices in Kenya

This is another one of the cheapest woofers in Kenya.

The Amtec subwoofer in Kenya is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can connect with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It supports TF cards, SD memory card, and USB flash disks.

It also comes with an AUX-IN port for you to connect it to other devices like your TV, MP3 player, or DVD player.

The DC 12V input makes it possible to use a car battery as power source and enables it to be used outdoors.

Amtec woofer price in Kenya is for KES 4299 on Jumia.

  • Connects Bluetooth
  • Supports TFT Card, SD Memory Card, and USB Flash Disk
  • AUX IN
  • DC-12V (You can connect a battery)
  • It comes with 12 Months Warrant
  • P.M,P.O 8000 WATT

Rated 4.5 stars out of 5.

Woofer prices in Kenya

Amtec woofer price in Kenya? Check it out here.

Vitron Subwoofer System

vitron woofers in Kenya

This one supports Bluetooth, SD card, and FM.

It comes with remote control and is loud enough.

You can get it now on Jumia for less than 7K.

3 Things You Need To Know About Subwoofers

Now that we have looked at cheap woofers in Kenya, there are three things you need to know about subwoofers in Kenya.

#1. Passive and active subwoofers

First, you need to understand some concepts; passive and active subwoofers and ported and sealed subwoofers.

A passive subwoofer is a sub that uses an external amplifier; these are quite rare.

An active subwoofer has an amplifier in it, like a Haier woofer.

Haier subwoofer

All you have to do is plug it straight into the wall, and it will power on and start working straight away, after connecting it to a sound source using an RCA cable.

rca subwoofer cables

#2. Ported and sealed subwoofers

The second thing you need to know is the difference between ported and sealed.

Ported simply means there is a hole in the damn thing.

vitron v635 subwoofer price in kenya

This bad boy is a Vitron V635, going for KES 5,543 on Jumia Kenya.

Sealed means there isn’t a hole.

A sealed subwoofer has less volume but the tightest sounds and a little more control.

A ported subwoofer will give you a deeper and louder bass, but you won’t get as much clarity.

I personally like ported subwoofers.

#2. Placement

The second big thing you need to know about is placing the subwoofer.

This is absolutely key and is one of the basic things people get wrong when trying to get a decent sound out of the subwoofer.

There are a couple of classic options.

First, you can place it underneath your TV or just to the left and right directly in front of your listening position.

This placement is good if you have a front-firing subwoofer, which means the big driver that pushes out the bass is on the front.


This AILYONS ELP-2411 comes with acoustic 3D sound and is front-firing.

Check it out there is the driver in front, which means it fires forward.

If you have a downward-firing subwoofer, although you can place it in front of your TV, it’s far more common to place it in the corner of the room, a little bit away from the wall.

In general, that will help you spread the sound a bit more and things will be a bit more even.

You can also place it at the side of your room.

#3. Setting the crossover

The third thing you need to know is setting the crossover.

Basically, the crossover works like this;

If you’ve got a set of other speakers, which I assume you have because you wouldn’t just have a subwoofer, those speakers will be able to generate sound at certain frequencies.

They might be able to only go down to 100Hz before they stop being able to generate audio in those frequencies, at that point the 100Hz is called the roll-off.

You need to set your subwoofer’s crossover so that it starts playing sound at that point.

Using the receiver’s on-screen setup, you can do this if you’ve got an AV receiver.

av receiver for sound system

It is very easy.

And if you need to figure out where your existing speakers roll off, all you need to do is check their specs, their frequency range, and see the lowest number.

That will tell you roughly how far low they can go down before they start needing a subwoofer to fill in the gaps.

I hope you’ve learned something.

The Best Woofers in Kenya

Are you looking for the best subwoofers in Kenya?

Here is a list of the best woofer prices in kenya;


The Nunix Bluetooth Speaker Subwoofer is the ideal speaker for your home or business.

This wireless subwoofer in Kenya can be used with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack, such as an iPod, iPhone, iPad, mp3 player, tablet, or laptop.

The remote control allows you to adjust the volume and bass levels across the room easily.

The 12000-watt system offers amazing sound quality for watching movies or listening to music.

You can plug in your devices through the aux input jack and use them wirelessly simultaneously!

I love that this speaker has an aux cable so I can connect it to my laptop and watch movies with great sound quality.

It also comes with a digital FM radio to listen to your favorite radio stations while working or hanging out around the house. This speaker has two USB ports for charging devices like your phones

  • Remote
  • 12000 watts
  • Bluetooth
  • Aux/Digital FM ready
  • USB Support
  • SD card

Nunix subwoofer price on Jumia is KSh 7,999.

  1. Vitron V527 2.1 on Jumia
Vitron V527 2.1 on Jumia

The Vitron SUBWOOFER is a high-quality stereo speaker.

It can be easily connected to your TV and produces an amazing sound.

The Vitron SUBWOOFER in Kenya has been designed with the latest technology, which makes it easy to connect and use.

This speaker has a built-in amplifier that ensures you get the best possible performance from your speakers. With this speaker, you will never have to worry about the sound not being loud enough or if there are any interruptions in the music during playback. This is because of its powerful amplifier that provides high power output for clear sound.

  • 2 satellite speakers can be merged into one soundbar.
  • Bluetooth enabled with USB port, MMC/SD card reader
  • Superbass surround sound
  • Frequency response: 35Hz-20KHz
  • Separation ≥ 45dB

Vitron subwoofer price in Kenya is KSh 5,599 on Jumia.

  1. Vitron V528 2.1 subwoofer in Kenya
Vitron V528 2.1 subwoofer in Kenya
  • 2 satellite speakers can be merged into one soundbar.
  • Bluetooth enabled with USB port, MMC/SD card reader
  • Superbass surround sound
  • Frequency response: 35Hz-20KHz
  • Separation ≥ 45dB

Vitron V528 price in Kenya is KSh 5,499 on Jumia.

  1. Ampex subwoofer price in Kenya
Ampex subwoofer price in Kenya

Moving on with Woofer prices in Kenya, the Ampex subwoofer in Kenya is the perfect companion for your TV or Home Theater.

It will bring you amazing sound and a high-tech multimedia experience.

Features 12500W PMPO, surround sound with super bass, Hightech Multimedia, and Aux/FM ready.

It supports Bluetooth and USB to connect your phone or tablet to play music from it. With its beautiful design, the Ampex can easily fit in any room of your house without being too noticeable.

  • Amazing Sound
  • Super Bass surround
  • Hightech Multimedia
  • Aux/FM ready
  • 12500W PMPO
  • Supports Bluetooth and USB

Ambex subwoofer price in Kenya is KSh 6,499 at Jumia Kenya.

  1. JTC Home Theatre Sub Woofer in Kenya
JTC Home Theatre Sub Woofer in Kenya

This is one of the best subwoofers in Kenya.

JTC Home Theatre Sub Woofer in Kenya is specially designed for home theatre; the JTC Home Theatre Sub Woofer is a powerful and affordable option.

It features 70W power output and 38Hz-20KHz frequency response. With 0.3% distortion at 1W, this subwoofer delivers clear sound quality with deep bass output.

The JTC Home Theatre Sub Woofer also has an S/N ratio of >70dB and separation of >45dB. Available in black color, this subwoofer measures 16″x8″x16″

The JTC subwoofer price in Kenya is KSh 9,399 on Jumia.

Best woofers under 3,000 in Kenya

Here are subwoofers under 3K in Kenya.

  • Vitron V036 2.1CH Multimedia Speaker System

    Vitron V036 2.1CH Multimedia Speaker System
    • A powerful 2.1-channel multimedia speaker system that is perfect for any home entertainment setup
    • Bluetooth and Auxiliary input options allow you to connect any compatible device
    • Digital FM radio with 20 presets and an easy-to-use interface
    • A built-in SD card reader for playback of your favorite MP3 files
    • A full-function remote control for easy operation of all features
  • Generic M428 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Player Radio

    M428 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
    • 5W of clear, rich sound: This speaker packs a powerful 5W punch that delivers a clear, rich sound. You’ll be able to enjoy your music, movies, and games with enhanced audio that immerses you in action.
    • Bluetooth wireless connection: The M428 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your device. So you can enjoy the freedom of being untethered from cords and wires.
    • USB connection: The M428 also features a USB connection for even more flexibility. You can use this speaker with your computer, laptop, or other USB-enabled devices.
    • Frequency range: This speaker has a frequency range of 100Hz-20KHz so that you can enjoy a full range
  • Amtec Sub Woofer Sound System -BT/USB/FM-4,000 WATTS

    Amtec Sub Woofer Sound System
    • Ideal for small spaces: The Amtec subwoofer sound system is designed to fit perfectly in smaller rooms or spaces.
    • USB support: This system includes a USB port so that you can play your favorite tunes directly from your computer or other devices.
    • 2.1-inch subwoofer: This system features a 2.1-inch subwoofer for rich, powerful sound.
    • SD card support: You can also play music from your SD card with this system.
    • Remote control: A remote control is included, so you can easily adjust the volume or change tracks across the room.
  • Amtec AM-018 2.1 SUBWOOFER WITH BT/FM

    • This product is a 3000-watt PMPO USB support SD card remote aux digital FM ready.
    • It is perfect for any music lover, as it allows you to play your music in several different ways.
    • The Amtec AM-018 supports MP3 and WMA formats and plays from a USB drive or an SD card.
    • You can also play your music through the Aux input or via the built-in FM radio.
    • The remote control allows you to change tracks and volume across the room easily, and the digital display shows you all the information you need about your music.

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