Guide to Different Types of Subwoofers in Kenya

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Subwoofers in Kenya

In this blog post, we will go over the different types of subwoofers in Kenya so you can decide which one is best for your needs. 

Subwoofers are key components of any speaker system in Kenya. They contain the low-frequency sounds that most people enjoy hearing from their speakers. In this blog post, we will go over the different types of subwoofers so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

1). Passive Subwoofers

Types of Subwoofers in Kenya

Passive subwoofers are not hooked up to a power source and their sound is created by the main speakers. 

They tend to be much larger than other types of subwoofers because they need large speaker drivers in order to generate plenty of bass. 

Passive subs can either have one or two woofer cones, depending on the design. 

While passive subs do provide powerful sound quality, if you want it to keep its high volume after hours of playing music then your stereo will also need a strong amplifier for this type of system configuration.

2). Active Subwoofers in Kenya

Active subwoofers are the most popular types of subwoofers in Kenya.

These have all their components contained within one box, which makes them extremely easy to use and set up since you don’t need a separate amplifier. 

The built-in amplifiers provide a very powerful sound for not much money! 

However, they do require power so make sure your receiver/amplifier is strong enough to support it – otherwise, this could lead to underpowered sound quality. 

Also, note that powered subs tend to be heavier than other types because of the internal amp and extra wiring required. 

If you’re looking at adding on an additional passive woofer later down the road (which we will talk about in section three), check if there’s room in your budget for an additional amp.

Active subwoofers are great, but they do have some downsides such as: If you’re looking at getting a powerful sound on the cheap, then active subs should be high up on your list of options to consider! 

However, if you need something lightweight and don’t mind paying more money for better quality, check out our previous section which is about passive subwoofers.

Active Subwoofer Example: Neumann KH 850

Types of Subwoofers in Kenya

3). Component Subwoofers

Component Subwoofer Example: Polk Audio PSW111 Power Pack Subwoofer System 

Component Subwoofers

Component subwoofers are a great option if you’re looking to get the best quality sound on the market. 

These consist of two components: an active woofer, and a passive one (which we have already looked at).

The first component is usually smaller than most other types of subs which makes it easy to fit in tight spaces/enclosures. 

The second component can be placed anywhere as long as there’s power nearby – some people like putting this behind them for added bass. 

If you want higher quality with less weight then these might just be your perfect match! 

Note that they also come at quite expensive prices compared to other types but give excellent results so might be worth it depending on your budget.

3). Enclosed Subwoofers

Enclosed Subwoofer Example: BIC America F12 12″ 475 Watt Front Firing Powered Enclosure Subwoofer 

Enclosed Subwoofers

Enclosed subwoofers are often larger than most other types of subwoofers in Kenya and have much lower sound quality. 

However, they do provide a great bass response so might be what you want if your preference is towards movies over music listening.

 These also require an amplifier which means more money spent on the setup! 

If you’re going to go for this option then there’s no need to worry about getting separate components as these speakers come with both built-in – just make sure that it can handle all of your current needs.

4). Ported Subwoofers

Ported Subwoofers

Ported subwoofers are a great option if you’re looking for something that provides more bass than most other types. 

The larger size and weight of these speakers is pretty much the only downside to them – but it’s not too big of an issue as long as your enclosure can support it!

These also require an amplifier which means extra money spent on the setup, but they do provide excellent sound quality so might be worth it depending on your budget.

What else should I know about subwoofers in Kenya?

In addition to knowing what types of subwoofers in Kenya will best fit into your system/enclosure, there are a few other things that you should take into consideration before getting one.

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First, make sure that your receiver/amplifier can handle it. If not then this might end up costing more money than necessary so be careful! 

Also, consider checking the weight of the subwoofer to see if it will fit inside of your enclosure – some are very large and won’t work for certain setups. 

Finally, find out how much power it requires as well as what size amplifier is needed in order to drive it properly without breaking down or overheating.

We hope we’ve been able to help narrow down which type of subwoofer in Kenya will work best for you! We suggest trying out different options to see what fits your needs the most.


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