Best Sound Systems in Kenya

8 Best Sound Systems in Kenya: How to Choose

Choosing the best sound system in Kenya can be a daunting task, especially for those who aren’t experts in the field. 

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing such as budget, room size, and personal taste. 

But don’t worry! 

We’ve compiled this handy list of 7 different types of sound systems in Kenya – each with its own benefits and drawbacks – to help you make an informed decision about what will work best for your needs.

1). Sony DAV-TZ140 Home Theatre System in Kenya

best sound system in Kenya

Sony DAV-TZ140 5.1 Channel Home Theater System in Kenya is a high-definition best sound system in Kenya that will allow you to experience the movie as it was intended to be heard. 

The Sony DAV-TZ140 features S-Master Digital Amplifier technology which produces an amazing sound quality and also includes Dolby® Digital, DTS™ Surround Sound, and BRAVIA Sync for easy control over your television. 

The Sony DAV-TZ140 has HDMI output (upscales 1080p) for HDTVs with HDMI input. 

The Sony DAV-TZ140 is a 5.1 channel surround sound system that allows you to experience the full power of your movies, games, and music. The 300-watt system includes two 50-watt front speakers, two 50-watt surround speakers, a 50-watt center speaker, and a 50-watt subwoofer.

This Sony home theater system in Kenya also features a USB port for playing back MP3s or JPEGs from flash drives or other devices on your TV screen in near HD quality.

You can find a Sony sound system at Jumia in Kenya for KSh 14,900.

2). Nunix 3.1 CH Mini Home Theatre System

Nunix 3.1 CH Mini Home Theatre System

This Nunix 3.1 CH Mini Home Theater System is the best home theater system in Kenya for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen in Kenya

It has 12000W PMPO and Bluetooth technology with FM/USB/SD support which can connect to any device you want. 

This mini home theater system in Kenya has a wireless remote control that will help you control all of its features. 

You can also play music on this home theater right from your smartphone or tablet using the Bluetooth feature. 

The sound quality is amazing and it will fill up your entire room with clear sound.

The price of Nunix 3.1 CH in Kenya is KSh 10,999 at Jumia.

3). LG LHD-457

LG LHD-457
  • Number of channels – 5.1
  • Speaker power (Watts) – 330
  • Speaker type – Tallboy & Satellite

The LG Home Theater System is a region-free home theater system in Kenya that will play all your DVDs (Region 0-9) from around the world. 

It has 110-240 volt worldwide voltage and it comes with an HDMI cable inside so you can get started right away. 

This LG sound system in Kenya is a good choice for those who want a great value and a huge range of features.

It has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play music from compatible devices without wires. 

There’s an AM/FM radio tuner with 30 presets so it offers excellent variety when listening to your favorite radio shows. 

There are inputs for iPod/MPI, USB, and a CD player is also included so you can play your favorite songs from CDs or even record them to MPI if you want! 

The system has an output power of 100W RMS per channel at 0.75% THD+N with two-channel driven, which means that it’s capable of filling medium-sized rooms with rich sound. 

It comes in black and silver colors giving this sound system the option to fit into any home decor easily too – a great choice if space isn’t limited but the quality is wanted!

This is an excellent and best sound system in Kenya for anyone looking to enjoy clean, elegant sound at home or on the go!

LG LHD-457 is available at Jumia.

4). Vitron V528 2.1 CH Sound System in Kenya

Vitron V528 2.1 CH Sound System in Kenya

Vitron is among the best subwoofer brands in Kenya, producing some of amazing sound systems including TVs.

The Vitron V528 is a 2.1 multimedia speaker system that features Bluetooth, a USB port, an MMC card reader, and a 9000W PMPO. 

It also has a detachable design so you can use it as a soundbar or two separate speakers. 

The sound system is perfect for use with your TV, PC, or laptop in Kenya

You can play music from any of these devices through the V528’s Bluetooth feature or by connecting them to the USB port on this multimedia speaker system. 

  • Frequency response: 35Hz-20KHz 
  • Separation ≥ 45dB

No surprise, Vitron V528 is the best sound system in Kenya under 6K at Jumia.

5). Sony DAV-DZ350 5.1CH Home Theatre System in Kenya

Sony DAV-DZ350 5.1CH Home Theatre System in Kenya

The Sony DAV-DZ350 has a small but powerful design with great features. 

The sound system in Kenya comes with an integrated DVD player so it’s capable of playing CDs and DVDs – giving you excellent entertainment possibilities. 

It can also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to compatible devices such as smartphones or tablets so you can listen to your favorite songs without worrying about cables! 

This makes it perfect for those who want their music in more than just one room too: the wireless connection allows you to stream easily from any device that supports this feature no matter which part of the house they’re in. 

And if you don’t have a CD/DVD drive on your computer then never fear: there are connections available for USB playback and MPI playback too. 

It’s also compatible with Apple Airplay so you can stream from your iPhone or iPad to the sound system without any fuss! 

Perfect for those who want more space-saving features and don’t mind a small size, this Sony sound system is ideal for anyone looking for a great value home entertainment solution.

The price of Sony DAV-DZ350 in Kenya is KSh 35,990 at Jumia.

6). Rebune 5.1 Home Theater System

Rebune 5.1 Home Theater System

Another one of the best home theater systems in Kenya that has a modern design and is easy to use.

It comes with great features like Bluetooth, FM/AM Radio, USB/SD Media player, display screen, remote control and it also supports smartphones for wireless music streaming. This product is compatible with any TV or monitors up to 32 inches.

These sleek speakers are perfect if you want advanced entertainment. 

They come with a subwoofer, five floor-standing speakers, and one center speaker – giving great audio quality all around the room.

It can connect to most devices via Bluetooth or even direct line inputs so it’s compatible with almost any device! 

There is also an optical digital input and a USB playback, which makes this sound system ideal for those who don’t have MPI players but have other ways of playing their favorite songs inside the house. 

And what about outside? 

The Rebune home theater system in Kenya also has FM radio reception too so you’ll never miss your favorite programs no matter where in the house they’re being played on these high-performance speakers! 


Rebune 5.1 home theater system price in Kenya is KSh 17,999.


VON VEH400SAP is the best sound system in Kenya

VON VEH400SAP is the best sound system in Kenya from Von company that deals with some of the best fridges in Kenya.

The Von 400W 5.1 surround sound system with Bluetooth is a great way to immerse yourself in your favorite music, movies, and games. 

The stylish black finish with silver accents makes this home cinema system look modern and appealing.

Whether you are watching the latest blockbuster or listening to your favorite album, the Von subwoofers in Kenya and sound system will enhance your experience by providing clear treble and bass sounds that are guaranteed to make you feel like you’re right at the heart of the action! 

The powerful 400W RMS amplifier delivers dynamic surround sound with rich bass from the 6.5″ subwoofer while DTS Surround Sound technology recreates multi-channel digital audio sources for an immersive experience that takes you beyond stereo.

The Price of the Von home theatre system in Kenya is KSh 18,799.

Other best sound system in Kenya include;

Sathiya 3.1Ch MINI Home Theater Speaker SystemAmazing Sound
Super Bass surround
Hightech Multimedia
Aux/FM ready
USB Support
USB/SD/FM 3.1CH Digital Radio
Under 5K
JTC J801Pro 2.1CH Speaker SystemFully Functioning Remote Control
Master Volume, Treble, and Bass Controls
Deep Bass
Free Karaoke Mic
USB/SD Card, BT, Aux, FM Radio Connectivity
Output Power – 120W
2.1 Channel Setup
Under 10K
Haier H8001 Pro 2.1CH Speaker System 120WFully Functioning Remote Control
Master Volume, Treble, and Bass Controls
Deep BassFree Karaoke Mic
Under 10K


the Nunix Bluetooth Speaker Sub Woofer System seems to be a powerful speaker system with a lot of features.

The 30000 watts of power output is impressive and should provide a lot of volume.

The Bluetooth connectivity is convenient and allows you to easily connect your phone or other devices to the speaker system.

The Aux/Digital FM ready feature is also a nice addition, as it allows you to listen to music from a variety of sources.

The USB and SD card support is also a great feature, as it allows you to play music directly from a USB drive or SD card. Overall, the Nunix Bluetooth Speaker Sub Woofer System 5.1 Ch 30000W seems to be a great speaker system with a lot of features.

What to look for when buying a sound system in Kenya

If you’re looking for quality sound, many options are available.

When considering what type of speaker system is right for your business or home, first determine where the main area will be that people gather in when they visit/come into your business. 


The number one thing to consider if you want a high-quality sound system in Kenya is having speakers with good amplifiers. 

It’s important to remember that not everyone wants to have their phone attached to an expensive piece of equipment at all times so it may be worth investing in Bluetooth compatible devices!

Perfect fit

There are different types of systems depending on whether you need something small and portable or something large and permanent – make sure whatever products you choose fit within this criteria!

Don’t think that you need to invest in an expensive sound system if it’s just for one room – there are many cheap speakers which will be suitable enough. 


When thinking about the different options available, don’t forget to consider how much control you want over your sound! 

The modern world demands flexibility and functionality so make sure whatever system you choose can adapt to changing needs. 

There is nothing more frustrating than having a great piece of equipment with all the features but no means of accessing them easily – keep this in mind when choosing what systems might work best for you! 


Many people love modern technology these days so whether or not Bluetooth compatibility is important depends on who will be using the speaker system and where it will be (e.g., if your customers want to use their phones as the music source, Bluetooth compatibility is a must). 


If you’re thinking about having an event at your venues such as a conference or festival, then think carefully about what setup would work best for everyone involved!


It’s important to remember that the best sound system in Kenya doesn’t have to cost a fortune – there are many products available that offer great quality without breaking the bank.

Additional features

Don’t forget that speakers aren’t just for listening to music either – they can also be used as an alarm clock so make sure whatever system you choose works well with all of your other technology requirements!


The last thing worth considering is whether or not your best sound system in Kenya needs to be portable – it’s worth thinking about if you’ll need to take the speaker from room to room for different purposes! 

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