Best VON Hotpoint Subwoofers in Kenya: Reviews and Prices

13 Best VON Hotpoint Subwoofers in Kenya: Reviews and Prices

As a modern consumer, you know that there is no shortage of choices when it comes to buying a subwoofer. The problem is that most people don’t have the money or time to invest in researching every option and making an informed decision before buying. This article will help narrow down your options by presenting five of the best Hotpoint subwoofers in Kenya on the market today!

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer Speaker Prices in Kenya;

VON Hotpoint Subwoofers in KenyaPrice
Von VES0452ED Subwoofer 2.1 AC/DC - 45WKES 5,995
Von VES0652ES 2.1 CH Subwoofer - 65W
KES 7,995
Von VES0802ES Subwoofer - 80W
KES 8,295
Von VES0802FS Subwoofer 2.1CH, Bluetooth, USB - 80W RMS
KES 8,995
Von VES1002FS Subwoofer 2.1CH, Bluetooth, USB - 100W RMS
KES 9,995
Von VES0962ES 2.1 Bluetooth Subwoofer - 96W
KES 10,095
Von VES1202FS Subwoofer 2.1CH, Bluetooth, USB - 120W RMS
KES 11,995
Von VES1602FS Subwoofer 2.1CH, Bluetooth, USB - 160W RMS
KES 14,495
Von VEA2001FT Active Speakers, 1.0CH, Bluetooth, 200W RMS, LED Lighting
KES 17,995
Von VEH400SAP Home Theatre 400W RMS, Satellite Speakers, Bluetooth
KES 18,995
Von VES3005FS Subwoofer 5.1CH, Bluetooth, USB - 300W RMS
KES 21,495
Von VEA2402ET 2.0 Active Speakers, Tall boy Subwoofer, Bluetooth - 240W
KES 21,795
Von VES3505ES Bluetooth 5.1 Subwoofer - 350W
KES 24,495

Note: The Von Hotpoint prices change all the time. As such, make sure to check the latest prices of your preferred Hotpoint subwoofer in Kenya

1). Von VES0452ED 2.1 Subwoofer

Best Hotpoint Subwoofers in Kenya

For audiophiles, the VON 2.1 speaker system in Kenya is perfect for your home theater. 

The Von VES0452ED is a powerhouse with sound so crisp and lifelike you’ll want to spend all day listening. 

This 45-watt subwoofer in Kenya has a high gloss finish that commands attention from both an acoustic and aesthetic perspective. 

Plus, the noise-cancelling tweeter brings out every detail of dialogues in your favorite TV show or movie soundtrack.

The right music is the best motivation for any workout. The Von Ves0452ED’s MP3 player lets you take your favorite tunes with you, while its wireless remote control gives you easy access to your music and volume controls. 

Listen to your favorite FM radio station or select from one of the pre-programmed stations that are available. 

Need some motivation? The Von Ves0452ED’s LED display will show you time, distance, speed, and calories burned during your workout. 

2). Von VES0652ES 2.1 CH Subwoofer

Von VES0652ES 2.1 CH Subwoofer

Von VES0652ES 2.1 Channel Subwoofer System in Kenya is a perfect home theater solution for those who want to enjoy quality sound and music with their family and friends. 

The system comes with an advanced amplifier, which has been designed to deliver great performance along with enhanced bass technology that brings out the best of your audio experience. 

It also features a USB port, SD/MMC slot, LED display, and other useful features.

The Von VES0652ES 2.1 Channel Subwoofer in Kenya has a powerful bass with its 10” driver and 65W power output. 

Von VES0652ES 2.1 Ch Subwoofer price in Kenya is KES 7,995.

3). Von VES0802ES Subwoofer

best von subwoofers in Kenya

Von VES0802ES is one of the best VON Hotpoint subwoofers in Kenya.

It comes with a USB slot and can be connected to a PC or laptop in Kenya via the USB port, AUX cable, or Bluetooth. 

The SD/MMC slot allows you to play music from an SD card or MMC card.

The LED display allows you to monitor the volume or bass level of your music. 

You can also adjust it by using the remote control that comes with Von VES0802ES Subwoofer in Kenya. It has an FM tuner and bass extreme function, which will make you enjoy your favorite songs even more!

4). Von VES0802FS Subwoofer 2.1CH

VES0802FS is another one of the really cute VON Hotpoint subwoofers in Kenya.

The Von VES0802FS is a full-range speaker with a subwoofer and an FM tuner. 

It has an 80W RMS power and comes with remote control, SD/MMC slot, and USB slot. 

The LED display shows you the source of your music playing from the satellite or from your phone or tablet. 

You can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker to play music from any device that supports this technology (iPhone, iPad). With its Bass extreme, be sure to enjoy this Von Hotpoint subwoofer in Kenya.

5). Von VES1002FS Subwoofer 2.1CH

Von VES1002FS Subwoofer 2.1CH

The Von VES1002FS is a Hotpoint 2.1 channel speaker system for your computer or laptop and can be used as a home theater system too. 

The Von VES1002FS is an all-in-one solution to your music and video entertainment needs. 

A 100W RMS subwoofer in Kenya delivers the sound you need to rock out, while two satellite speakers provide crisp highs and mid-range sounds that bring movies to life with realism.

Von VES1002FS Subwoofer price in Kenya is KES 9,995.

6). Von VES0962ES 2.1 Bluetooth Subwoofer

Von VES0962ES 2.1 Bluetooth Subwoofer

Built to rock, the Von VES0962ES Hotpoint 2.1 Subwoofer in Kenya has a powerful bass extreme feature that will have you totally immersed in every song. 

With a brilliant LED display, you’ll find it easy to control your sound just by looking at them which is perfect if you’re busy filling up the dance floor with all of your friends. 

Don’t worry about shuffling through songs or turning on pesky remotes because this speaker system in Kenya comes with an FM tuner and remote control so that switching from one tune to another, from oldies to today’s hits is as easy as pie! 

And don’t forget how compact and portable this speaker system is––perfect for those on-the-go karaoke sessions!

Von VES0962ES Hotpoint 2.1 Subwoofer price in Kenya is KES 10,095.

7). Von VES1202FS 2.1 CH Subwoofer in Kenya

hotpoint 2.1 CH Subwoofer in Kenya

The Von VES1202FS Subwoofer 2.1CH in Kenya is a compact, innovative speaker system with all the features you need to get your music booming! 

Enjoy clear treble and deep bass – even at high volume levels. 

Listen to your favorite tunes or catch up on the latest news while keeping your hands free for other tasks! 

The flexible remote control gives you maximum convenience when it comes time to change tracks, adjust volumes, set alarms–you name it. 

Complete wireless connectivity couldn’t be easier through Bluetooth or RF tuners – both are available in this Hotpoint sound system in Kenya!

Seamlessly drop in mobile devices for playback using the handy USB-A slot or microSD card reader (MMC). 

Von VES1202FS Subwoofer price in Kenya is KES 11,995.

8). Von VES1602FS Subwoofer 2.1CH

hotpoint 2.1 CH Subwoofer in Kenya

Who doesn’t love a little bass in their life? 

The VES 1602FS Bluetooth Subwoofer 2.1CH is guaranteed to introduce that abundance of low frequencies into your life and take your music and movies to new heights. 

This product features 160 watts RMS, two satellite speakers, one central speaker, LED display for custom settings and equalizer controls, FM tuner with MP3 capability so you don’t have to give up the old-school tunes just yet! 

Get all this Hotpoint subwoofer in Kenya for an affordable price under 15K when you buy from Von Electronics today! 

Check out our huge selection of home theater systems too!

9). Von VEA2001FT Active Speakers

Von VEA2001FT Active Speakers

Bold, brawny things are in vogue with the Von VEA2001FT Active Speakers by Hotpoint sound systems in Kenya. 

This is a definitively masculine piece of equipment with an easy-to-use amp that can be taken anywhere it’s needed for a maximal punch on the go! 

With deep bass that you’ll feel throughout your entire body, this is exactly what anyone wants in their life right now. 

Turn any space into whatever you need it to be with crystal clear sound and staggering volume levels perfect for parties or just jamming out at home. 

The modern dude who needs something good to beat his opponent down will have no trouble getting his kicks here!

Von VEA2001FT Active Speakers comes with;

  • USB slot
  • SD/MMC slot
  • LED display
  • FM tuner
  • Bass extreme
  • Remote control

And is Bluetooth-enabled.

10). Von VEH400SAP Home Theatre in Kenya

Von VEH400SAP Home Theatre in Kenya

You know how it’s been difficult to go from one room to another while you were listening to your favorite song because the Bluetooth wasn’t linking up? 

With this Von VEH400SAP Home Theatre in Kenya, you have 400W RMS, Satellite Speakers, Bluetooth, DivX Dolby digital sound, USB playback, Optical output, and FM radio not only can you listen in a different room but every other person in the house can have their own volume control. 

The Radio is AM/FM so everyone can enjoy music according to their taste. And for those who love Karaoke, there are 2 mic inputs with volume control! 

All these features packed into a sleek design that has 400 watts of power and an LED display. 

Von VEH400SAP Home Theatre price in Kenya is KES 18,995.

11). Von VES3005FS Subwoofer 5.1CH

best von hotpoint 5.1 subwoofer in Kenya

Do you have a collection of vinyl records, but can’t find speakers to turn your old tunes into hot grooves? 

The Von VES3005FS Subwoofer 5.1CH is the speaker for you! 

Another one of the best Hotpoint subwoofers in Kenya.

This subwoofer has 300 watts RMS with bass extreme volume control that makes it possible for all of your friends and family members to enjoy their favorite songs at the same time. 

With its satellite function, this cordless wonder lets people be really creative too. Put them on, turn up the music at noon, go outside with them on repeat – now let’s see what moves come next! 

Von VES3005FS 5.1CH Subwoofer price in Kenya is KES 21,495.

12). Von VEA2402ET 2.0 Active Speakers

Von VEA2402ET 2.0 Active Speakers


  • 240W RMS (120W*2)
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Playback
  • SD/MMC Card Playback
  • FM Radio
  • LED Display
  • 2 mic inputs
  • 10″ Subwoofer
  • Full Tweeter
  • Bass Extreme
  • Remote Control
  • 10″ Subwoofer *2, 4″ Speakers *2, 1.5″ tweeters * 2

These 2.0 Hotpoint active speakers in Kenya are perfect for any music lover looking to play their favorite tunes via Bluetooth, USB, or SD/ MMC card! 

With 240W RMS (120W*2) and two 10″ subwoofers, you can now feel the beats with every thump of your finger. 

The Von VEA2402ET is also equipped with an LED display, remote control, bass extreme technology, 4-inch woofers *2, 1.5 tweeters * 3- so not only will listeners hear the music but they’ll see it too! 

With a black cabinet color, these speakers look like they’re ready to rock out on stage anytime you want them to.

Put your music favorites onto the playlist today and slide them into that sound system.

The price of 2.0 Hotpoint active speakers in Kenya is KES 21,795.

13). Von VES3505ES Bluetooth 5.1 Subwoofer

best von hotpoint 5.1 subwoofer in Kenya

Another one of the best Von Hotpoint 5.1 subwoofers in Kenya.

In fact, you’ll be boomin’ your tunes loud and proud with this Von VES3505ES Bluetooth 5.1 Subwoofer in Kenya! 

This 350 watt, 3 channel subwoofer packs a punch for low-frequency bass frequencies of movies, music, and games. 

Sound quality is crisp and clear at any volume with a distance sound projection of 50 feet or more. 

Elite controls include remote control functionality so you can take the party to them not bring the party to yourself! 

Satellite speakers are detachable from the satellite itself if you want a smaller unit that can go anywhere – even into tight spaces like a bedroom or dorm room. 

Other features include an LED display screen with mute buttons, FM tuner stations with preset-intuitive memory settings, and SD/MMC slot.

Von VES3505ES Bluetooth 5.1 Subwoofer price in Kenya is KES 24,495.

There you have it, the best VON Hotpoint subwoofers in Kenya.


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