Which Is The Cheapest Safaricom Tariff?

Which Is The Cheapest Safaricom Tariff?

The cheapest Safaricom tariff is the 5GB All In One Monthly Bundle. It costs Ksh.1,000 and gives you 5GB of data, 400 minutes, and 1,000 SMS. You also get free access to YouTube and WhatsApp.

Here is a table of the other Safaricom All In One Monthly Bundles:

BundlePriceDataMinutesSMSFree YouTube and WhatsApp
5GBKsh.1,0005GB400 minutes1,000 SMSYes
15GBKsh.2,00015GB1,000 minutes2,000 SMSYes
25GBKsh.3,00025GB1,500 minutes3,000 SMSYes
45GBKsh.5,00045GB2,500 minutes5,000 SMSYes
100GBKsh.10,000100GB7,500 minutes10,000 SMSYes

If you need more data or minutes, you can also buy additional bundles. For example, you can buy a 1GB data bundle for Ksh.200 or a 100 minute talktime bundle for Ksh.100.

You can subscribe to a Safaricom All In One Monthly Bundle by dialing *544# or by using the MySafaricom app.


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