Best TVs Under 20K in Kenya

Top 10 Best TVs Under 20K in Kenya

Are you looking to upgrade your home entertainment experience but don’t want to break the bank?

This article provides the list of the best TVs under 20K in Kenya. 

With a budget of Ksh 20,000, you can have access to a wide range of televisions that deliver superb picture quality and audio performance. 

We’ve done extensive research and testing to compile this list to ensure you’re making an informed decision.

Vitron 32 Inch LED Digital HD TV

Best TVs Under 20K in Kenya
  • Crystal Clear Display: The Vitron HTC3246 32-inch LED Screen offers a high-definition clear motion display, allowing you to watch your favorite shows and movies with enhanced clarity. With its dynamic contrast ratio, this LED screen ensures you have the best viewing experience possible.
  • Multimedia Connectivity: This LED screen is equipped with 1 HDMI and 1 USB ports, allowing you to easily connect your gaming consoles or other media devices with ease. You can also enjoy digital TV with its built-in tuner for added convenience.
  • Seamless Streaming: With its fast refresh rate, the Vitron HTC3246 32-inch LED Screen lets you enjoy streaming content without any lag or buffering issues. You can also take advantage of picture-in-picture technology for added entertainment options.
  • Powerful Audio Output: The Vitron HTC3246 32-inch LED Screen features powerful audio output that will fill your room with crisp and clear sound. Whether it be action scenes from your favorite movie or intense gaming sessions, this LED screen ensures optimal sound quality every time.
  • Energy Efficient Design: Not only does this LED screen provide superior performance but it is also designed to be energy efficient. This means you can enjoy stunning visuals without having to worry about increased electricity bills.

Hifinit 32 Inch Frameless Android Smart HD LED TV

ifinit 32 Inch Frameless Android Smart HD LED TV
  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighing in at only 4.5kg, the HIFINIT is a lightweight and portable monitor that can easily be taken with you on the go. Whether you’re working remotely or just want to set up an extra display for movies, this monitor is perfect for portability and convenience.
  • High Resolution Display: Enjoy crisp visuals with the HIFINIT’s 1366×768 resolution display. The 180cd brightness ensures optimal viewing no matter where you are and lets you experience images as they were meant to be seen.
  • Efficient Energy Usage: The HIFINIT has a standby power of less than 0.5w, making it one of the most efficient monitors out there on the market today. This ensures your energy bills stay low even when used regularly.
  • Automatic Volume Leveller (AVL): The AVL feature helps keep sound levels consistent throughout use so that every word or phrase is clear to understand. It also helps reduce any background noise that may disrupt your audio listening experience while watching movies or TV shows.
  • 1 Year Warranty: Purchase confidently knowing that the HIFINIT comes with a 1 year warranty should any issues arise during its use within that time period. Rest easy knowing that your purchase is protected!

CTC 22 Inch Digital TV

CTC 22" Inches Digital TV
  • Wide Color Enhancer: Boost your viewing experience with this TV under 20K in Kenya, the CTC. This unique feature enhances the color depth, saturation, and contrast of your video to enjoy an even more immersive viewing experience.
  • Sports Mode: Enjoy your favorite sports games in maximum comfort with the CTC Sports Mode. This mode boosts sound volume and minimizes distortion to give you a crystal clear audio experience no matter the game or channel.
  • USB Connectivity: With USB connectivity, you can easily connect devices like laptops, tablets and phones to your TV for added convenience. The built-in USB port allows for quick and easy device connection without having to use cables or adapters.
  • PC Audio: Get connected with PC audio through this CTC model. It has 110V-240V, 50/60Hz DC AC compatibility, allowing you to hook up any compatible PC to your TV without any issue or extra setup time.
  • Multi Outputs: The CTC TV in Kenya also offers multiple outputs such as HDMI, component, composite, S-Video and coaxial ports so that you can connect multiple devices at once without having to buy additional equipment.

Vision Plus Frameless 32″ Digital HD LED TV

Best TVs Under 20000 in Kenya
  • Enjoy All Your Favorite Content: Vision Plus is the perfect addition to your entertainment setup. With Digital DVBT2 Free-to-Air, USB Playback and 3 HDMI ports, you can watch movies, view pictures and listen to music with ease. Enjoy all your favorite content in crystal clear quality with this powerful TV!
  • Energy Efficient: Save energy without sacrificing quality with Vision Plus. This ENERGY STAR-qualified TV is power efficient and uses only 100-240V-50/60Hz of energy ensuring reliable performance while reducing energy usage.
  • Easy Connectivity: Connecting devices to your TV has never been easier! Vision Plus comes with 1 USB port for simple plug-and-play connection as well as VGA, earphones and optical out ports for added convenience.
  • High Quality Sound & Picture: Experience high definition picture quality like never before with Vision Plus. The powerful screen ensures a crisp and vivid picture while the audio output ensures you enjoy a surround sound experience. Enjoy superior audio and video performance every time!
  • Versatile Design: The sleek design of Vision Plus looks great in any living room or bedroom setup. The slim design ensures it fits easily into any space, making it the perfect addition to any home entertainment system. Making it another one of the best TVs under 20K in Kenya.

TCL 32D3000 32 Inch Digital HD LED TV

TCL 32D3000 32'' D3000 Series Digital HD LED TV
  • Ultra-Slim Bezel with Sleek Finish: Enjoy a modern and stylish look with the ultra-slim bezel design of the TCL 32D3000. This sleek finish offers a perfect addition to any living room or bedroom setup, without taking up too much space.
  • Latest Generation of TCL LED HD Backlight: Get the most out of your viewing experience with the latest generation of TCL LED HD backlight technology. You’ll enjoy true-to-life colors and sharp images in all kinds of lighting conditions.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: The wide viewing angle on this TV ensures that everyone in the room can enjoy a clear picture. No matter where you sit, you won’t miss out on any action!
  • Smart Volume Feature: This smart volume feature will automatically adjust the sound levels as you switch between channels and apps to provide an optimal listening experience.
  • Low Power Consumption: Despite its impressive features, this TV uses only 45 Watts when operating, making it an energy efficient choice for your home entertainment setup.

Vitron HTC3218 HD Frameless 32″ LED Digital TV

Vitron HTC3218 HD Frameless 32" LED Digital TV
  • Another one of the best TVs under 20K in Kenya.
  • Bright and Vibrant Images: The Vitron HTC3218 monitor provides bright and vibrant images with deep blacks and minimal halo effects, making your content pop off the screen. Enjoy watching movies, playing games, or browsing the internet with intensifying colors that will draw you in.
  • HDR Content Support: With support for HDR content, the Vitron HTC3218 monitor brings every scene to life with beautiful detailing and real life colors. Enjoy a more immersive experience when watching your favorite movie or streaming your favorite show.
  • Connectivity Options: Easily connect your devices to the Vitron HTC3218 monitor with options such as DVI, VGA, or HDMI input. Whether it’s connecting an HD DVD player or gaming console, you can rest assured knowing you have multiple options for connecting to this monitor.
  • Low Power Consumption: Say goodbye to high electric bills when using the Vitron HTC3218 monitor – it only uses 60W of power! You can get all the benefits of a high-performance monitor without raising high energy costs.
  • Quality at an Affordable Price: Get unbeatable value for money with the Vitron HTC3218 monitor. This budget friendly option offers quality performance at an affordable price so you don’t have to break the bank to stay connected.

GLD 32″ HD Digital Frameless LED Television

Gld 32" HD Ready Digital Frameless LED Television
  • Hassle Free Connectivity: The GLD local Kenyan OEM standby power is less than 0.5w and comes with a variety of ports including USB, HDMI, AV Input, Digital Video Broadcasting to help you easily connect your devices. With the GLD you can enjoy hassle free connectivity and access to all the latest technology.
  • High Quality Visuals: Get ready for stunning visuals with the GLD local Kenyan OEM. Its LED Backlight ensures clear images and vibrant colors that will make watching movies, playing games or live streaming a more immersive experience.
  • Energy Efficiency: Keep your energy bills low with the GLD’s low standby power of less than 0.5w. This GLD tv is designed to help you save while still being able to enjoy all the features it has to offer. Making it another one of the best TVs under 20K in Kenya.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: The GLD local Kenyan OEM is built to last with its quality construction and materials so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Enjoy long-lasting durability that you can trust!
  • Easy To Use: The GLD local Kenyan OEM is easy to use and set up so you can get started right away without any complications or delays. Whether you’re new to technology or a pro, this innovative product is perfect for everyone!

Royal 32″ AC/DC Digital HD LED TV

Royal 32" AC/DC Digital HD LED Television
  • Stunning Visuals: The Royal 32” Television is another one of the best TVs under 20K in Kenya. Designed to provide sharp visuals with clear audio and visual quality. It offers an immersive viewing experience, enabling you to enjoy movies, sports, documentaries and more in stunning high-definition.
  • Easy Connectivity: With a variety of ports including USB, HDMI and AV Input, you can easily connect your external devices and stream content from streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.
  • Versatile Programming: Enjoy access to satellite, cable, and terrestrial programming with the Royal 32” HD Ready Television. Watch all your favorite shows with ease!
  • Power Flexibility: This television has a unique power feature that allows for both AC and DC operations so you can enjoy your viewing experience no matter where you are.
  • Compact Design: Despite its impressive features, the Royal 32” HD Ready Television is lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport or set up anywhere in your home.

Royal 40″ Smart HD LED TV

Best TVs Under 20000 in Kenya
  • Large Screen: This Royal TV in Kenya features a large 40″ screen, providing an immersive viewing experience. With LED technology, images are bright and crisp with vibrant colors that bring your movies and shows to life.
  • Powerful Stream Media: The Royal 40″ LED TV comes with a powerful stream media to give you access to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu with ease. With this feature, you can enjoy all the latest content without worrying about buffering or lagging.
  • Bipolar Drive Technology: Featuring bipolar drive technology, this TV offers an amazing viewing experience while also being energy efficient. This technology ensures that the images displayed on the screen are always sharp and clear, so you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows in stunning clarity.
  • Operating System: The Royal 40″ LED TV comes with the world’s most popular operating system, allowing you to customize it for a personalized experience. This OS allows you to make the most of your new TV, from changing the background image to creating shortcuts for easy access.
  • Affordable Price: Despite featuring advanced technologies such as LED technology and bipolar drive technology, the Royal 40″ LED TV is still incredibly affordable at under KSh 20000. Enjoy all these features without breaking the bank!

Smart TV Under 20K in Kenya: Affordable Options for Tech Enthusiasts

In the ever-evolving world of technology, smart TVs have become a staple in many households.

These advanced televisions offer a range of features that go beyond traditional TV viewing, providing access to streaming services, online content, and even gaming.

However, the idea of owning a smart TV often comes with a hefty price tag.

But fear not, for in Kenya, you can find some fantastic smart TV options under 20K!

In this section, we’ll explore a few affordable smart TVs available in Kenya, catering to both your tech needs and your budget.

TCL 32D2910S: Your Gateway to Smart Entertainment

TCL 32D2910S

First up on our list is the TCL 32D2910S. Priced at 19,999 Ksh, this 32-inch smart TV offers a Full HD display that guarantees a vibrant and immersive viewing experience.

Equipped with the Android TV operating system, it provides a user-friendly interface and seamless access to a variety of streaming apps.

With the TCL 32D2910S, you can effortlessly binge-watch your favorite shows and movies without breaking the bank.

It’s a smart TV that offers tremendous value for your hard-earned money!

Hisense 32A50G: Elevate Your Viewing Experience

Hisense 32A50G

Next on our list of the best smart TV under 20K is the Hisense 32A50G, another 32-inch smart TV priced at 19,999 Ksh.

Featuring a Full HD display with HDR10 support, this television delivers stunning visuals that bring every scene to life.

To complement the exceptional picture quality, the Hisense 32A50G comes equipped with Dolby Audio, ensuring immersive sound that enhances your overall viewing experience.

With this smart TV, you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and even games with remarkable clarity and audio fidelity. Who said you can’t have a high-quality entertainment system on a budget?

Skyworth 32E200A: A Blend of Affordability and Functionality

Skyworth 32E200A

Last but certainly not least, we have the Skyworth 32E200A, priced at 17,999 Ksh. This 32-inch smart TV may feature an HD display, but don’t let that deter you.

With the Android TV operating system and a variety of streaming apps at your fingertips, you can still enjoy a wide range of content and entertainment.

The Skyworth 32E200A offers an affordable option for those seeking the benefits of a smart TV without compromising on functionality.

It’s proof that you can find a gem within your budget!

Making the Right Choice: Factors to Consider

While the smart TVs mentioned above are excellent options under 20K in Kenya, it’s crucial to consider your unique needs and preferences before making a purchase. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  1. Size: Determine the ideal screen size for your viewing environment and personal preferences. Consider the space available in your room and the viewing distance for optimal comfort.
  2. Display Resolution: Decide on the desired display resolution, be it Full HD or HD, based on your expectations for picture quality and clarity.
  3. Operating System: Take note of the operating system offered by the smart TV. Android TV is a popular choice, but other options are available as well. Research the features and compatibility to ensure a smooth user experience.
  4. Streaming Apps: Check the availability of streaming apps on the smart TV. Make sure the apps you frequently use are supported, allowing you to access your preferred content seamlessly.

By carefully considering these factors and doing your research, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and budget.

So, whether you opt for the TCL 32D2910S, the Hisense 32A50G, or the Skyworth 32E200A, these smart TVs under 20K in Kenya offer fantastic value, bringing the world of smart entertainment into your home without breaking the bank.

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There you have it, the best TVs UNDER 20K in Kenya!


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