How To Transfer MB From Airtel To Airtel Kenya

How To Transfer MB From Airtel To Airtel Kenya

To transfer mobile data (MB) from one Airtel number to another in Kenya, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *544# on your Airtel Kenya mobile phone. This is the USSD code to access various Airtel services.
  2. Select the option for transferring MB or data. The specific menu option may vary, so follow the on-screen prompts to navigate to the data transfer feature.
  3. Enter the recipient’s Airtel number to which you want to transfer MB. Make sure to double-check the number for accuracy before proceeding.
  4. Enter the amount or volume of MB that you wish to transfer. Follow the instructions on the screen to specify the desired MB amount.
  5. Confirm the transaction details and complete the transfer. Review the information displayed on the screen and verify that all details are correct. Then, confirm the transfer to complete the process.


  • Airtel Kenya official website [1]


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