How To Get Telkom Kenya Mobile Loans

How To Get Telkom Kenya Mobile Loans

Telkom Kenya has ventured into the mobile lending industry by launching a mobile loans service.

The company aims to diversify its product offerings and tap into the lucrative market for quick digital credit that does not require collateral.

Here are some key points regarding Telkom Kenya’s mobile loans:

Service Introduction

Telkom Kenya announced its plans to launch a mobile loans service as part of its strategy to increase revenue and expand its product portfolio.

The service is designed to provide immediate microcredit solutions to customers through their mobile phones.


Telkom Kenya’s mobile financial service, T-Kash, plays a vital role in facilitating the mobile loans offering.

T-Kash is a mobile financial service owned by Telkom Kenya that offers various cross-functional solutions for both consumer and enterprise markets. It allows customers to deposit money into their T-Kash wallets through authorized T-Kash agents.

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Telkom Kenya intends to collaborate with a financial institution to provide customers access to mobile lending services.

While the specific institution is not mentioned in the search results, Telkom Kenya aims to establish a partnership similar to Safaricom’s collaboration with a financial institution for their lending products.

Market Competition

Telkom Kenya’s entry into the mobile lending market puts it in competition with Safaricom, the market leader in the sector.

Safaricom offers popular mobile lending products such as M-Shwari, KCB M-Pesa, and Fuliza.

Telkom Kenya seeks to challenge Safaricom’s dominance and carve out its own space in the mobile lending landscape.


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