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  1. James
    Hi, i have an ebook about Greenhouse Farming in Kenya for beginners written by my friend Timothy Angwenyi.

    Greenhouse farming it the newest goldmine in Kenya and some Kenyans have started realizing the great benefits of practicing green house farming.

    And its cool too. University graduates, fresh out of campus are soiling their hands in this business and they are not afraid of bragging about it.


    Because it brings in the six figures. Something that would have taken them years to accomplish if they were seated behind a desk.

    So, if you would like to try it out, then this eBook will educate and enlighten you on how to go about it. This ebook is 228 pages and below are the chapters you will find in this ebook.

    Chapter 1: Getting Started
    Chapter 2: Greenhouse Business Plan
    Chapter 3: Cost of Building a Greenhouse
    Chapter 4: Selecting Your Greenhouse Location
    Chapter 5: Construction of Your Greenhouse
    Chapter 6: What to Grow in a Greenhouse
    Chapter 7: Best greenhouse management skills and crop protection
    Chapter 8: Marketing Your Greenhouse Produce
    Chapter 9: Greenhouse Farming Tips
    Chapter 10: Success stories of Kenyan Farmers owning Greenhouses

    You can get a PDF soft copy of this eBook at only Ksh.220.