The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Laptop Stand in Kenya

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Do you find yourself burdened by your laptop? Do you constantly have to balance it on your lap or hold it in one hand when walking around the house? You might want to consider getting a laptop stand in Kenya. 

A laptop stand is an accessory that helps support your device and make using it more comfortable. 

This blog post will walk you through everything there is to know about buying a laptop stand, including what features are worth paying attention to and how much you should expect to spend on one! 

We’ll go over what a laptop stand is, how to use one, and the benefits of investing in one. 

We’ll also discuss some features that are worth paying attention to when looking for the right laptop stand for you!

NB: Find a guide to buying second hand laptops in Kenya.

What is a laptop stand in Kenya?

A laptop stand is an accessory that helps support your device and make using it more comfortable. 

You can either buy a laptop stand outright or you could get one as part of a bundle with something else, like a keyboard and mouse! 

Are laptop stands worth it?

Laptop stands are a useful tool in the office that can help you save space and prevent your laptop from getting scratched.

If you’re not sure whether a laptop stand is worth it, here are some things to consider:

  • Is the size of your laptop important? If so, make sure that the stand is compatible with your model before purchasing.
  • Are you worried about your device getting scratched? If so, make sure that the stand comes with a warranty and is made of durable material.
  • Will you be able to use the stand on different surfaces? Some stands may only work on certain types of surfaces while others may need to be screwed into place.

Is laptop stand good for typing?

Laptop stand is a good accessory for typing. It helps to keep the laptop from slipping off the table, and it helps to keep the screen at eye level.

This accessory can be used in different settings like home or office, but it is mostly recommended for working on a laptop while standing up. However, if you are looking for an alternative to this, you can use a footrest that will help you type comfortably while sitting down.

Types of laptop stand in Kenya

There are three types of stands available – desk-mounted models, folding or collapsible designs that fold up into selves once not in use, and standing desks designed specifically for mobile laptops. 

1). Desk-mounted Models

Desk-mounted laptop stands in kenya

These stand on the floor by your feet so they can’t move about like other varieties.

But this means that they take very little space when not being used (just one small bag) and offer good stability because there’s no risk of them tipping over.

2). Portable Models

portable laptop stands in kenya

These can be carried around and stored easily in a laptop bag or briefcase so they’re perfect for those on the move. 

The downside to this is that these are more prone to tip over if not placed carefully on an even surface, which might lead to potential damage to your device.

3). Adjustable Laptop Stand in Kenya Models

adjustable laptop stands

This type will offer you the best of both worlds as it allows for easy storage.

But also gives you complete flexibility in where you place them (e.g., next to your bed). 

You’ll find models with a variety of height adjustments and some come with integrated mouse platforms while others have built-in tablet holders too.  

Some adjustable laptop stands in Kenya also include dedicated space at their base for storing cables neatly out of the way.

The downside to this type is that they are usually heavier than fixed stands and can take up more space when not in use.

As such, it’s worth being careful about where you place them, especially if you live in a small home or apartment. 

You should also be mindful of your electrical cords too as some models don’t have enough room for these below their base area.

4). Fixed Models

These types offer stability but less flexibility with regard to placement, which makes them ideal for those who need an ergonomic support system at all times while working on their device either from home or office desktops. 

Fixed laptop stands in Kenya will generally come with an adjustable height option though again, make sure there’s sufficient length between the backrest and the desk.

Which laptop stand in Kenya should you pick?

Which type best suits your needs will depend on where you plan on using it most often. 

If you’re constantly moving around then a portable design might be more suitable.

While those who spend all their time at home with their computer may want to invest in an adjustable model instead.

How do I use my new laptop stand in Kenya?

Using your new laptop stand couldn’t be easier – just put the legs on in whatever configuration works best for you (most stands have at least two adjustable options) to form three-level points. 

Place the main section of the base against any solid surface such as your desk, table, or even your lap if needed then position your screen so that it’s clearly visible from wherever you’re sitting currently. 

Don’t forget to adjust the viewing angle accordingly too!

What are the benefits of buying a laptop stand in Kenya?

Here are some reasons why you need a laptop stand in Kenya;

  • Reduces neck pain and discomfort caused by looking down at your laptop for long periods.
  • Protects the screen from accidental bumps or knocks which can cause damage to it. Many also offer magnets that will open up the stand when you place your laptop on top of them so they work as an anti-theft measure too.
  • Keeps your keyboard and mouse in a more ergonomic position which can reduce fatigue and strain.
  • It’s a great way to charge your laptop too without it getting in the way. Many models have built-in charging ports for this purpose.
  • They are often cheaper than buying an entirely new laptop and much better value if you’re not looking at upgrading anytime soon.

How to Buy the best laptop stand in Kenya 

Here are some of the things to consider when buying a laptop stand in Kenya.

a). Working from home or on the go?

Consider whether you’ll be working from home or on the go. 

If you’re at home, it may not matter how much space the stand takes up but if you’re looking for something that will fit easily into a backpack or briefcase then look for one with minimal weight and size – these are often called “mobile stands”

b) Height

The height of each option should also be considered as this is important for both reducing neck pain while keeping your eyes level with the screen’s surface. 

Many people find success by adjusting their laptops to just below eye level so they don’t have to lean forward too far when typing.

c). Budget

Finally, think about your budget. 

You may find that a more expensive stand has many features you will never use but this is often the case with any purchase. 

Keep in mind that cheaper laptop stands in Kenya don’t always last as long and are less durable than pricier options.

As such, it’s worth considering both quality and cost when making your decision.

What Laptop Stand Features Should I Look For? 

Here are laptop stand features to look for;

1). Anti-slip surface

This feature can be very helpful for preventing accidental spills from beverages that would cause major damage if they were to come into contact with delicate electronics like laptops or tablets. 

It also helps prevent them from sliding off of surfaces onto hard floors where they could get scratched by something pointy such as under the couch or a desk.

2). Weighted base

If you’re looking for a stand to do some serious typing on your laptop with, this is the feature that will help keep it in place (assuming you don’t want to use an external keyboard and mouse).

 Laptops have become so slim nowadays but they still need support underneath them when being used while stationary. 

3). Keyboard/mouse tray 

The best kind of stands are versatile enough to accommodate more than one type of device like laptops as well as tablets. 

This way if someone who needs both types sets up their workstation at home, all they would need is one item rather than two separate ones taking up space on their desktop which could get cluttered quickly over time.  

4). Height 

Depending on your work environment, you may have a different preference for how high the screen should be. 

5). Weight capacity 

Make sure to find out what weight is supported by whatever laptop stand you are considering buying.

Because if it’s too much over what you need/want, there will also be something else that isn’t right about it either.

6). Orientation

Some people prefer their keyboard at an angle while others want them in front of them so they can see keys easier or other reasons like being able to use two monitors side-by-side more easily and comfortably. 

Whatever orientation works best for you should definitely make this a deciding factor when shopping around. 

What else should I be aware of?

If you want something that can hold more weight, then opt for one with metal legs as they will provide stability where plastic ones might break or warp over time under pressure.

Be sure to also keep them out of reach from pets and kids as these stands tend to be on eye level so there is a greater risk of accidental damage. You’ll want to make sure they are out of reach.

With that covered, let’s look at the best laptop stands in Kenya.

The best laptop stand in Kenya

Here are the best laptop holders in Kenya you can find on Jumia.

1). Portable, Foldable Computer Support Laptop Stand in Jumia

Portable, Foldable Computer Support Laptop Stand in Jumia

This is one of the best portable laptop stands in Kenya.

They are also a foldable device that allows you to use your laptop comfortably anywhere.

Its height-adjustable, lightweight, and non-slip design make it easy to carry around and hold your laptop securely in place. 

The alloy material provides sturdiness while dissipating heat easily. You can adjust the angle of the stand as you like. 

It’s comfortable for typing or watching movies on your laptop! No more neck pain from looking down at your screen!

This product is perfect for people who travel a lot or spend more time typing.

This portable laptop stand price in Kenya is KSh 1,900 in Jumia.

2). Adjustable Foldable ABS Laptop Tablet Stand Jumia

Adjustable Foldable ABS Laptop Tablet Stand Jumia

The Laptop Stand Jumia is a portable and foldable laptop stand for use with laptops, tablets, notebooks, and more. 

A great space saver when you are on the go, this laptop stand features a 7-speed height adjustment to suit all types of uses. 

The hollow bottom design allows heat dissipation while the non-slip silicone bottom ensures stability. 

Its lightweight design makes it convenient to carry around.

Not to mention it is easy to assemble and disassemble without any tools required.

This adjustable laptop stand costs KSh 1,305 in Jumia Kenya.

3). Laptop Table Adjustable Laptop Stand With Mouse Pad

Laptop Table Adjustable Laptop Stand With Mouse Pad

Laptop Stand Kenya is a new design, made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and it can be used as a laptop stand or computer desk.

It is foldable for easy storage. 

And also has an adjustable height and angle to support your laptop at the perfect position for typing.

You can set the angle between 0-360 degrees as you like.

The surface of this table is smooth, so you do not have to worry about scratching your laptop when using it on this table.

Besides, this table comes with rubber feet that help protect your floors from scratches caused by sliding or moving.

This is the best laptop stand in Kenya to use in bed, sofa, table, and on the carpet.

Adjustable Laptop Stand With Mouse Pad price in Kenya is KSh 2,285 in Jumia.

4). Laptop Adjustable Stand in Kenya with Cooling Pad

Laptop Adjustable Stand in Kenya with Cooling Pad

Laptop Cooling Pad with USB Charging Port, 5 Fans & 4 Non-Slip Rubber Pads for Office Home Entertainment Games.

Laptop Stand Jumia Kenya is a laptop cooling pad that comes with a USB charging port to charge other devices such as phones and tablets while also having five fans that provide airflow to cool your laptop. 

It can be adjusted at six different heights so you can find the perfect height for your desk or table. 

The non-slip rubber pads on the bottom can make the cooling pad more stable on the desktop.

This is perfect for office, entertainment, and playing games.

The laptop cooling pad price in Kenya is KSh 2,900 in Jumia.

5). Foldable Laptop Table/iPad Holder

Foldable Laptop Table/iPad Holder

This laptop table in Kenya is a great way to keep your lap cool and comfortable while you work. 

The sturdy construction keeps the laptop stable and secure on any flat surface, including an adjustable bed or sofa. 

It also has a great shelf for books, files, etc., as well as a cup holder for your favorite beverage.

The portable cushioned lap desk with a stand is ideal for using at home or when traveling. 

Foldable Laptop Table price in Kenya is KSh 2,999 in Jumia Kenya.

What to Look for When Buying a Laptop

If you are looking to buy a laptop in Kenya, here’s an in-depth guide showing you everything you need to know.

6). Adjustable Overbed Laptop Table in Kenya

Adjustable Overbed Laptop Table in Kenya

The adjustable laptop bed desk in Kenya is the ideal solution for those who are confined to their beds due to illness or injury. 

This rolling laptop table in Kenya provides a comfortable work surface that can be placed at any angle you desire. 

The top of the table is made from durable ABS plastic with a 1/2″ thick high-density foam padded top, providing sufficient room for your laptop and other personal items. 

The casters allow you to roll your overbed laptop cart wherever you want, even into another room! Assembly required. Tools and instructions included.

You can use it as:

  • As bedside table
  • Laptop rolling cart
  • Rolling tray table
  • Table with wheels

Adjustable Overbed Laptop Table price in Kenya is KSh 6,649 in Jumia.

Wrapping up

All these laptop stands can be found on Jumia Kenya.

You can also check these 5-star rated laptop holders on Jumia. And also the best laptops in Kenya.

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