How To Choose A Laptop Bag in Kenya

How To Choose A Laptop Bag in Kenya

Laptop bags in Kenya are not all created equal.

Here at, we know that finding the perfect bag can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to help you out with what to look for and how to pick one!

There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for the perfect laptop backpack. 

It’s important not only that your new bag will be able to accommodate all of your devices, but also that it is equipped with features designed specifically for you and your lifestyle needs.

Here are five questions worth asking before making a decision on which backpack might work best for you:

  1. Do I need additional pockets or compartments? 
  2. What shape do I prefer? 
  3. How much does my laptop weigh? 
  4. Am I constantly carrying around other items such as books, paperwork, binders…etc.?
  5. Does the bag offer any flexibility in terms of where/how things can fit inside the pack?

Once you have the answers, consider the following.

Things to consider when choosing a laptop bag

1). Size

laptop bags in Kenya

You’ll want to consider how much space you need. 

Sometimes people prefer a smaller bag that they can carry around easily with them, and other times someone will be looking for something bigger.

So make sure there’s an option out there for the size of laptop or tablet you’re carrying!

2). Color

We don’t want to buy anything new if we have more than one color in our closet already- which is why it might be important to find a bag that matches your style.

If you always wear black clothing, maybe go for a black laptop case

3). Material

The material isn’t as big of a deal unless you know what type of materials are going to suit your needs best; like leathers vs fabrics – especially when dealing with the laptop or tablet. 

It’s important to find something that doesn’t collect dust and is either waterproof, stain-resistant, or both.

A few things to look for in terms of materials are: 

  • Polyester (usually found in synthetic backpacks and briefcases) is lightweight but strong. 
  • Nylon (found in foldable backpacks that are typically lighter than polyester) is also a great option since it’s waterproof, doesn’t stretch over time, and can be made into different textures or colors to suit your needs.

4). Design

If you’re looking for a bag with style – make sure you know what design will be best for your needs.

For instance; 

If you need to carry around more than just a computer (a schoolbook in there, too), then maybe it’ll be better suited to invest in an extra-large laptop case?

5). Closure Type

The closure type on a laptop case can help protect your items inside of it from getting out without permission when they shouldn’t get out. 

Zippers are great because they allow us to open them all the way up which helps with access (especially at airports) but they can be a little more difficult to close. 

They also have the potential of getting caught on something and pulling off, or worse- breaking your zipper!

6). Weight

Most laptop cases are designed for laptops from 13″ up to 17″. 

If you’re looking at one that is bigger than what you need, it’ll usually not carry as much weight without being uncomfortable. 

This will cause less strain on your back when carrying multiple items in different bags (like school supplies) since they all weigh differently.

7). Price Range

There’s a lot out there in price ranges but we’ve got some great tips below to help save money while still finding quality products! 

8). Storage Capacity

best laptop bags in Kenya

The storage capacity varies depending on how many devices you’re trying to protect. 

If you’re just looking for a laptop bag in Kenya, then there are different sizes to best suit your needs.

How to choose the best laptop bag in Kenya

1). Weigh what you’ll be carrying in the daypack and compare it with the weight capacity of the backpack that might work for you. This will help determine if one is too heavy or not protective enough.

2). Find out how much space each device takes up by researching this beforehand so they can know about the storage capacity needed for their devices. 

For example, most laptops take up 12″ x 17″, while phone cases usually only take up 0.”x0.” (this depends on manufacture). 

Knowing these dimensions will make choosing easier since many backpacks don’t have designated slots for certain items like chargers or CDs.

3). Think about how much protection you need for your devices, and what types of damages may occur while carrying them around the city.

For example, if it’s a short commute to work or school then you might not need as much protection from all weather conditions. 

If there are extreme storms in wintertime where you live, then buy something that will keep everything inside dry even during an unexpected storm.

4). Invest time into finding out which features each backpack has such as adjustable straps, padded laptop compartment, water bottle holders on the side, and more so they can choose one with their needs in mind. 

5). If possible try before buying because these bags usually have weights attached which is helpful when selecting size options but some people don’t like this option.

A laptop bag in Kenya is an investment and should be treated as such because it’s something you’ll use daily for a long time if not forever, so carefully take the time to find one that suits their needs and style preferences. 

Tips to save money when purchasing a laptop backpack 

Ask for demos

Ask for demos in stores from knowledgeable employees who can offer their opinion on different models better suited to your needs and budget; this saves trouble later down the line should difficulties arise with customer service (i.e., getting replacement parts). 

Window shop first

Look around and compare prices before buying anything. 


Check the warranty information of your purchase so that you know what’s covered.

Remember: never use or store electronics in direct sunlight, hot cars, tight spaces like backpacks or pockets! They won’t last as long if they’re not stored properly. 

Try it first

Never buy a laptop bag in Kenya without trying it on first to ensure that the straps and weight distribution are comfortable with your body type. 

Some people may find themselves carrying heavier loads than others depending on their own physical size and shape.

Even if they have equal strength levels and the ability to carry heavy items for an extended period of time.

You should be able to decide this before purchasing anything so there isn’t any buyer’s remorse afterward.

Check on branded laptop bags

Do some research about the company behind the product-.

Some bags will come from more reputable companies (like a company that makes laptops, for example), while others may not be so reputable. 

There are some brands which come with a lifetime guarantee, for instance! That’s something to keep in mind before making the purchase.

Extra features included?

Find out if there is any waterproofing or durable material included.

This will make it more difficult (or impossible!) for liquids and other items to seep into your laptop bag when they’re stored inside of one as well as keeping them safe from sudden weather changes. 

Check quality

Double-check all zippers on the product.

Especially at points where you know your devices could slip out if they were unzipped like pockets, around the outside edges of bags, or cases designed exclusively for carrying tablets instead of notebooks!

This should help make sure everything is securely closed and won’t pop open when you’re carrying your laptop around.

Big enough

Look for a bag that is big enough to fit not only your device but also the cables, chargers, power packs, or other accessories that will need to come along with it so they can be stored together in one place. 

With that said, let us look at the best laptop bags in Kenya.

Best laptop backpacks in Kenya

1). Fashion Grey Anti Theft Backpack Bag 

Fashion Grey Anti Theft Backpack Bag

This bag is the perfect choice for those who want to travel in style. 

The Fashion Grey Anti-Theft Laptop Bag features a water repellent fabric, hidden zipper closures, interior slot pockets, and an interior compartment. 

laptop bag in Kenya

This laptop bag has an integrated USB charging port and weight balance & luggage strap. 

It is available in black or grey color options and measures 15″ x 10 1/2″ x 8″.

This Laptop bag price in Kenya is KSh 1,299 on Jumia.

2). 3 in1 Anti-theft Canvas Laptop Bag in Kenya

3 in1 Anti-theft Canvas Laptop Bag in Kenya

This is one of the best laptop bags in Kenya.

3 in1 Anti-theft Canvas Laptop Backpack is a new generation of the backpack, which can be used as a backpack, shoulder bag, or cross-body bag. 

The material is a high-quality canvas that feels like cotton and has the texture of cotton. 

It’s lightweight and durable. 

anti-theft laptop bag in Kenya

The backpacks are designed with multiple compartments to keep all your items organized in separate pockets for easy access.

There are two side pockets for water bottles and a hidden pocket on the front for quick access to your most important belongings such as passport, wallet, phone, etc.

3 in1 Anti-theft Canvas Laptop Backpack price in Kenya is KSh 1,199 on Jumia.

3). Hard Body Anti-theft Large Capacity Laptop Bag

 Hard Body Anti-theft Large Capacity Laptop Bag

This is a Hard Body Anti-theft laptop bag in Kenya. It has a code lock mechanism for security purposes and a hard body back section that can be used as a traveling bag. 

The bag’s large capacity makes it ideal for carrying laptops, books, clothes, or other stuff. 

 Hard Body Anti-theft Large Capacity Laptop Bag

The main compartment is well partitioned inside to keep your items safe and secure. 

Additionally, this laptop bag in Kenya also has a USB charging port so you don’t have to carry an extra charger while traveling. A luminescent strip on the bag is for night-time safety.

Hard Body Anti-theft laptop bag price in Kenya is KSh 1,199 on Jumia.

4). Biaowang Laptop Shoulder Bag/Side Bag

Biaowang Laptop Shoulder Bag/Side Bag

Biaowang Laptop Shoulder Bag/Side Bag is made of high-quality Oxford material, sturdy and durable. 

With hidden pockets to hold your valuables safe. 

Well partitioned with a laptop compartment to keep your laptop secure in place and padded for extra protection. 

best laptop bag in Kenya

It also has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Khombu’s Biaowang Laptop Shoulder Bag/Side Bag is the perfect bag for work, school, travel, or everyday use!

Biaowang Laptop Shoulder Bag price in Kenya is KSh 1,449 on Jumia.

5). Student Laptop Bags in Kenya

Student Laptop Bags in Kenya

A laptop bag in Kenya with a unique design, made of high-quality polyester. 

The main compartment is where the laptop goes and is padded for extra protection. 

BEST laptop bag for Student in kenya

There are two side pockets for water bottles or whatever you want to carry with you. 

The top zippered pocket can be used to store small accessories such as keys, cell phones, pens, etc. 

You can also use it as a tablet case if you don’t have a laptop. 

Also has 2 front pockets that can be used to carry your wallet, sunglasses, or anything else you might need on the go!

Laptop bags for students price in Kenya is KSh 1,299 on Jumia.

6). 3 In 1 Women Men Laptop Backpack in Kenya

3 In 1 Women Men Laptop Backpack in Kenya

This backpack has been designed for users’ comfort in various ways. 

While students can use it to assist in moving the study materials needed for their daily academics, professionals in diverse works of life will find it invaluable in safely carrying laptops, iPad, and other important work tools to offices and sites. 

The fabric is strong and the embedded zippers provide security. 

There is an inbuilt USB cord to allow for charging cell phones while in transit and this also adds to other features to justify the user’s value-for-money.

Laptop bags for women men price in Kenya is KSh 1,900 on Jumia.

And these are the best laptop bags in Kenya.

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