How To Kopa Credit On Airtel Kenya

How To Kopa Credit On Airtel Kenya

To borrow credit on Airtel Kenya, you can use the Kopa Credo service provided by Airtel. Here’s how you can kopa credit on Airtel Kenya:

  1. Dial *310# on your Airtel line to access the Kopa Credo service.
  2. You will be presented with a menu of options. Press 1 for Kopa Credo.
  3. Depending on your usage and eligibility, you will be offered an airtime advance amount of up to KES 100. The available amounts may include KSh.5, KSh.10, KSh.20, KSh.50, KSh.100, KSh.250, KSh.500, and KSh.1000.
  4. Once you select the desired amount, the borrowed credit will be added to your account and can be used for various services such as purchasing Airtel bundles, making calls, and sending SMS.
  5. The borrowed amount needs to be repaid within a specified time frame, usually 72 hours. Airtel will deduct a service fee of 10% on the Kopa Credo amount requested by the subscriber.
  6. To repay the airtime advance, you can dial *310# and select option 99 or follow the instructions provided in the repayment menu.

Note that eligibility for the Kopa Credo service requires meeting certain conditions, such as having used your Airtel line for at least three months and using the prepaid service of Airtel.

The available borrowing amounts may also depend on your usage history on the Airtel line.


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