How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

Why do laptop’s battery drain fast?

At the heart of this problem is how a laptop battery charges. 

When you plug in your laptop, it starts charging right away and will continue to charge for as long as power remains available at that current rate. 

Power supplies are designed to provide a consistent flow of electricity.

So while they can meet sudden surges in demand with no trouble, their output slows when used constantly without relief.

Because there’s not enough time between uses for them to recharge themselves. 

This explains why laptops batteries drain fast: They’re always being drained by the constant draw on the device’s power supply!  

The following steps will help lengthen your battery life span:

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life 

There are many methods for increasing laptop battery life. 

1). Buy quality laptop

The first step to ensure you have enough power on your computer is to buy the right one in the first place. 

This means purchasing a laptop that has as much battery storage space as possible, with an option of upgrading if necessary through external peripherals like laptops batteries and others 

2). Keep your laptop cool at all times

The next thing you can do to increase your laptop’s battery life is by keeping it cool at all times. 

You should never put anything warm near or on top of your device because this will cause it to heat up quickly which affects its ability to maintain charge.


3). Turn Off Unncessary software

Another good way is also turning off unnecessary software running in the background when not needed or during sleep modes – especially those programs using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

4). Reduce screen brightness

You can also reduce the brightness of your screen, which is a big factor in how much power it consumes. 

5). Turn off Wi-Fi

If you have more than one device running on the same wireless network then consider switching them from mixed mode (both) to router only (Wi-Fi). 

You should also turn off Wi-Fi when not in use because this will cause battery life to be drained faster than using cellular data alone.

This way they will constantly share and swap internet access.

So if one device is downloading something at high speeds, for example, other devices connected via Wi-Fi won’t suffer as a result.

6). Clean junk files

It’s always important to regularly clean up junk files such as unused programs and applications that are no longer needed.

7). Keep laptop on full charge when not in use

If you don’t use your laptop on battery power then make sure that it has a full charge before packing it up. 

Or putting it into storage for any extended period of time because leaving a device with low-battery can damage or shorten its life span. 

When storing devices with lithium ion batteries like laptops, cellphones, etc., there is one more step: be careful to store them at room temperature, and don’t expose them to extreme temperatures or humid environments.

You should also consider turning off the screen when not in use, as this will save some power.

8). Don’t let battery drain

The battery in your laptop will last longer if you charge it before its fully drained.

9). Carry a battery backup

A laptop battery backup will keep your computer running long enough to last you until the power comes back on. 

But most importantly, it’ll help protect all of your data from being lost if a sudden outage occurs. 

These devices come in many forms: Some are stand-alone while others plug into an electrical outlet and run off their own internal batteries that can be recharged via an included USB cable or AC adapter; some even have both so they’re ready for any situation.

Laptop Battery Care 

It is important not only to care about our laptops’ health but also its longevity as well! 

The best way we can do this is by always shutting down when done using them and storing at room temperature with between 40% and 60% charge.

Laptop Battery Safety

One of the most common misconceptions is that our laptops will explode if left on their own for a long period of time, so we often leave them plugged in-even when not using them! 

In reality, there’s no need to worry about your laptop exploding because all lithium ion batteries have built-in safety features which stop these types of accidents from happening. 

So be sure to unplug after use and store at room temperature with between 40% and 60% charge.

And that is how to increase laptop battery life.

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