How To Increase Fuliza Limit Safaricom

How To Increase Fuliza Limit Safaricom (LEGIT)

There are a few ways to increase your Fuliza limit:

  • Repay your Fuliza balance on time. This is the most important thing you can do to increase your Fuliza limit. When you repay your Fuliza balance on time, you show Safaricom that you are a reliable borrower and that you are able to manage your finances responsibly.
  • Use Fuliza regularly. The more you use Fuliza, the more Safaricom will be able to assess your creditworthiness and the more likely you are to be approved for a higher limit.
  • Have a good M-Pesa usage history. Safaricom will also look at your M-Pesa usage history when considering whether to increase your Fuliza limit. If you have a good M-Pesa usage history, this will show Safaricom that you are a responsible user of their services.
  • Apply for a higher limit. You can also apply for a higher Fuliza limit by dialling *221# and selecting the “Fuliza” option. When you apply for a higher limit, Safaricom will assess your creditworthiness and will let you know if your application is successful.

It is important to note that your Fuliza limit is not guaranteed to increase. Safaricom will assess your application based on a number of factors, and they may not approve your request for a higher limit.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about Fuliza:

  • Fuliza is a short-term loan facility that allows you to borrow up to Ksh. 10,000.
  • You will be charged a one-off access fee of 1% and a daily maintenance fee of Ksh. 10.
  • You have 24 hours to repay your Fuliza balance before you are charged interest.
  • If you are unable to repay your Fuliza balance within 24 hours, you will be charged interest at a rate of 14% per month.

Fuliza can be a helpful financial tool, but it is important to use it responsibly. If you find yourself struggling to repay your Fuliza balance, you should contact Safaricom for assistance.


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