Revealed: How Fridges Work in Kenya

Revealed: How Fridges Work in Kenya

Wish to know how fridges work in Kenya? You are in the right place. One of the most common appliances in your home is the fridge in Kenya. 

The fridge’s main function is to keep food cold, but there are many other things you should know about it! 

In this article, we will go over some of the basics. 

What does a refrigerator do? 

A refrigerator keeps food cold by circulating cool air around it and preventing warm air from coming in contact with it. 

This can be done through an evaporator or by using freon gas inside the appliance. 

How does refrigeration work? 

Refrigerators in Kenya work by turning electricity into cooling power through a compressor that moves hot refrigerant gases from one side to another where they condense into liquid before being released outside as waste heat.

What are a refrigerator’s main components? 

Some of the main components in your refrigerator are an evaporator, compressor, condenser, fans, and vents.

Here is a deep dive to help you understand how fridges work in Kenya.

a). Compressor 


Compressors are one of the most important components in a refrigerator. 

They convert electrical power into cooling energy that pushes hot refrigerant gases from one side to another where they condense into liquid before being released outside as waste heat.

b). Evaporator 


The evaporation process is what makes room-temperature items cold and causes ice cubes at home to melt. 

This happens when a compressor moves hot refrigerant gas from the inside coils to the outside coils so it can expand and lose its heat, turning back into a gas form again once it has cooled down enough.

c). Condenser 


A condenser is used for removing excess humidity from humid air by converting water molecules from their gaseous state to a solid-state through vaporization or condensation. 

This condenser is made of metal fins that are designed to radiate the heat out into the surrounding air.

d). Fans 

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A fan works by rotating a central shaft or axle about its bearings, causing one or more blades attached to it to move through the air. 

As they rotate around an axis, fans create airflow for cooling purposes.

e). Vents 

how fridges work in Kenya

They are used for releasing warm moist air from inside your refrigerator so cool fresh air can replace it. 

The vents also keep outside hot and humid weather from entering your fridge while keeping cold temperatures in there instead! 

f). Storage Compartments

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Fridges in Kenya have multiple storage compartments such as crisper drawers and meat trays which vary depending on what type of fridge you have.

g). Door Bins 

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The door bin is a special storage compartment that can be pulled out from the exterior of your refrigerator on most appliances and has been designed to hold large items such as bottles, eggs, etc. 

h). Shelves

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Most fridges come with adjustable shelves which make organizing food easier by allowing for customization. 

i). Thermostat 

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A thermostat monitors the internal temperature so it knows when to turn off or on depending on what needs to be done. It helps ensure optimal performance at all times! 

j). Light Bulb

Refrigerators also contain an interior light bulb in order to provide illumination inside your unit while making sure everything looks bright and appealing during use!

k). Capillary tube 

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A capillary tube is a long, coiled length of plastic or metal tubing that contains a small amount of liquid. 

Refrigerators use them to monitor the temperature inside and notify you if there’s any unusual activity going on!

l). Evaporator fan 

An evaporator fan creates airflow in your home refrigerator by rotating hot air from around the vents out towards the front door. 

This ensures cold fresh air comes in contact with food items at all times while keeping room-temperature ones cool too! 

m). Condenser Fan 

A condenser fan works like an evaporator fan except it does so for colder areas inside your fridge instead. 

It helps remove excess humidity from humid air by converting water molecules from their gaseous state to a solid-state through vaporization or condensation.

n). Condenser coil 

The evaporator and the condenser coils are both important when it comes to temperature regulation inside your fridge. 

They work together in order to keep humidity levels down while managing optimal temperatures for food items at all times! 

o). Refrigerant

Your refrigerator works by using a refrigerant like Freon, which contains hydrogen atoms that allow its molecules to move freely between gas form and liquid phase as needed! 

p). Thermometer

A thermometer helps monitor internal conditions inside your appliance so you can see if anything’s not working properly right away. 

It also provides accurate readings of current room temperature too!

Moving on with understanding how fridges work in Kenya.

What is a defrost cycle? 

A defrost cycle is when hot gas flows across an aluminum coil where it gets cold as it releases its moisture. 

Afterward, the water collects on the coils which melt ice if present or re-evaporates into gas form to cool down again before repeating this process over again.

How much energy do fridges in Kenya use? 

According to Energy Star, an average fridge uses about 322kWh per year

This number will vary depending on the size of your refrigerator and how often you open it.

How much money does a fridge cost in Kenya? 

The price range for fridges in Kenya is usually between KES 25K to KES 100K. 

Keep in mind that certain features can make prices higher or lower than this estimate! What kind of refrigerators are there? 

There are two main types of refrigerators: 

  • Standard (or vertical) units and 
  • Side-by-side models. 

Standard units tend to be cheaper but they also take up more space inside your kitchen cabinet because they extend out from the wall while side-by-side models have a door in each compartment which makes them easier to organize.

How long do fridges last? 

Refrigerators in Kenya can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years but they also depend on the quality of refrigerator you buy! 

Are all refrigerators energy efficient? 

No, there are many different types of fridges in Kenya that use various amounts of energy and perform differently depending on what your household needs

For example;

The best fridge in Kenya for maximizing space is a chest model which can be more expensive than normal models with fewer features. 

How often should I clean my fridge? 

Cleaning your fridge regularly will help extend its life as well as make sure food stays fresh longer by reducing bacterial build-up. 

If you notice any foul odors coming out of it this could mean mold or mildew has started growing inside so cleaning would be a good idea.

Are new refrigerators more energy efficient? 

Modern fridges are much more energy-efficient than older models so the newer your fridge is, the less you have to worry about it at least in terms of saving money.

How can I save on my electricity bill while using my refrigerator?

One simple trick that will help reduce your monthly electric usage for this appliance would be to keep both compartments closed when not actively being used. 

If one door stays open all day long even if just by accident it could result in up to 50% more power consumption over time!

How long does food last inside a refrigerator? 

According to, most fruits and vegetables should stay fresh between five and seven days depending on what they are and how they were stored. 

More delicate produce such as lettuce and berries should be put in a sealed container to avoid moisture build-up that will cause them to spoil faster while raw meat or fish should only last around three days.

What other tips are there for using my refrigerator? 

Make sure you defrost your freezer regularly so it can maintain its best temperature which is between 0-18 degrees Fahrenheit, the same range recommended by Energy Star! 

You also want to do regular cleaning of both compartments with mild soap and water along with checking expiration dates on food before putting it inside if possible since you never know when something might go bad until it’s too late!

What other things should I know about my refrigerator? 

One good rule to follow is keeping both compartments closed when not in use since a constantly open door will cause it to consume more power over time! 

Also, make sure that the freezer section is kept at 0-18 degrees Fahrenheit which is recommended by Energy Star for optimal temperature range.

Can all fridges be energy efficient? 

Not necessarily, there are many different kinds with various levels of consumption based on their features so understanding your needs before purchasing one would definitely help save money long term! 

I hope you enjoyed these crush tips on how fridges work in Kenya.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.


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