Hisense Fridges in Kenya Price

11 Best Hisense Fridges in Kenya: Prices

Hisense fridges in Kenya are known for their quality, efficiency, and affordability. They tend to be top-rated refrigerators that consumers love.

It is no wonder why they have become so popular in the last few years! If you want to find out more about these innovative products, keep reading this article for reviews on some of Hisense’s best fridge models in Kenya.

Here is a list of Hisense fridges prices in Kenya

Hisense Fridge ModelPrice in Kenya
Hisense REF092DR 92L Fridge 92 LKShs. 18,000
Hisense REF092DR Single Door Mini Fridge 92LKShs. 19,990
Hisense FC26DD4SA -Chest Freezer Fridge 205L, 7.5Cu. Ft.KShs. 33,900
Hisense RD16DR4SA Double Door Refrigerator 121LKShs. 26,990
Hisense REF120DR Single Door Refrigerator 120LKShs. 29,990
Hisense REF176DR Single Door Refrigerator 176LKShs. 30,900
Hisense RRD28DR4SA Double Door Fridge 226L, 8.0Cu. Ft.KShs. 37,900
Hisense REF251DR Double Door Refrigerator 251LKShs. 49,500
Hisense RD53WR4SA Double Door Refrigerator 400LKShs. 59,500
Hisense RC-67WS4SA – French Door Refrigerator 564LKShs. 102,900

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1). Hisense REF092DR 92L Fridge

Hisense fridges in Kenya

The Hisense REF092DR 92L fridge is a perfect fit for any home. 

It features a large capacity of 92 liters, which means it can hold up to 80 cans of soda and plenty of food. 

This model has been designed with a water dispenser that allows you to add fresh water to your drinks at the touch of a button. 

To save energy, this refrigerator also comes with an auto-defrost function that ensures you won’t have to worry about manually defrosting it in order for it to run efficiently. 

The low noise technology makes sure that the house is quiet.

Hisense REF092DR is one of the best and cheapest Hisense fridges in Kenya and the price is KSh18,000.

2). Hisense RS-12DR4S – Best Hisense Single door fridge in Kenya

Hisense RS-12DR4S - Best Hisense Single door fridge in Kenya

Another one of the best Hisense fridges in Kenya is the Hisense RS-12DR4S.

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It is a 3.2 cu.ft. single door refrigerator with a reversible door and adjustable spillproof glass shelf. 

This super energy efficiency refrigerator has an innovative evaporation system that helps maintain optimal temperature levels to help save you money on your electric bill. 

It also comes with a personal door lock to keep the contents of your refrigerator safe from unwanted hands.

You can find this top-rated Hisense single-door fridge in Kenya for KSh18,000.

3). Hisense REF120DR 120L

Hisense REF120DR 120L

The Hisense REF120DR 120L refrigerator in Kenya is perfect for large families. 

It comes with an easy-to-use digital display, making it easy to keep track of the temperature and set it accordingly. 

The door shelves are adjustable, allowing you to customize them according to your needs. 

The food can be kept at the right temperature by using the three cooling modes that this fridge offers; normal, eco, and super cool. 

This model also comes with a frost-free function, which ensures that you never have to deal with ice buildup on your freezer.


  • Capacity: 120L
  • Low noise: Yes
  • Frost: Yes
  • Refrigerant: Gas R600A
  • Water dispenser: No

Hisense REF120DR is one of the best Hisense fridges is going for KSh31,000.

4). RS-23DR4SB Single Door Fridge

RS-23DR4SB Single Door Fridge

Hisense RS-23DR4SB is the best single-door fridge in Kenya with 6.5 cu.ft capacity and comes with an inbuilt water dispenser, which is easy to use and keeps the water fresh for a long time. 

It also has adjustable spill-proof shelves that allow you to arrange them according to your needs and requirements. 

The large vegetable box allows you to store more vegetables in it while the cool fresh room helps you keep fruits and other perishable items cool for a long time so that they can be consumed at any time of day or night without any worries about wastages.

The price of Hisense RS-23DR4SB is KSh33,000, making it another one of the best single-door Hisense fridges in Kenya under 40K.

5). RS-205DR Hisense 205L Double Door Fridge in Kenya

RS-205DR Hisense 205L Double Door Fridge in Kenya

Hisense RS-205DR is a 205 L capacity bottom-mounted refrigerator with an R600a refrigerant, top freezer, and tampered glass shelves. 

The RS-205DR has 6 adjustable door bins with 2 crisper drawers, 1 egg tray, and 1 salad bin. 

It also has a low noise level of 38 dB(A) at full load and comes with an energy efficiency rating of A+++.

The fridge’s extra-large capacity offers ample space to store all your groceries, while the compact design allows you to fit this Hisense double door fridge in Kenya anywhere.

Hisense RS-205DR is one of the best double door Hisense fridges in Kenya going for KSh38,000.

6). Hisense RD27DR4SA-207L

Hisense RD27DR4SA-207L

The Hisense RD27DR4SA-207L is a 27.5 cubic feet refrigerator that comes with 2 doors, silver color, and A++, A+, A energy saving, which means it uses up to 30% less energy than other similar models on the market. This allows you to save money.

This appliance has mechanical temperature control and a four-star freezers design that ensures there’s no frost buildup in the freezer compartment, so you can keep your frozen foods at their best quality for longer.

The low noise technology makes this fridge even more attractive for users who want to have a very silent appliance at home.

The adjustable legs of the Hisense RD27

Hisense RD27DR4SA is a great refrigerator that offers plenty of space to store your food and drinks while keeping them fresh for longer. 

It made to our list of the top Hisense fridges in Kenya under 40K. It is going for KSh40,000.

7). Hisense H310BI-WD | (Combi) – Bottom mount fridge

Hisense H310BI-WD | (Combi) - Bottom mount fridge

The H310BI-WD is a 222L Hisense refrigerator in Kenya with LED lighting that offers you the convenience of a reversible door, a big bottle rack, and tempered glass shelves. 

It also includes an ice maker, water dispenser and humidity control. 

The H310BI-WD has an energy class A rating for maximum energy efficiency. 

222L Hisense refrigerator in Kenya

This is one of the top-rated Hisense fridges in Kenya that features a freshness box to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. 

  • Type: Combi Fridge
  • Colour Finish: Inox
  • Dimensions (W×d×h)|(Mm): 550 × 566 × 1605
  • Net Capacity: 222l   (159 L Fridge & 63 L Freezer)

Hisense H310BI-WD is going for KSh49,999.

8). REF251DR- Hisense Fridge 251L, Frost free

REF251DR- Hisense Fridge 251L, Frost free

Hisense REF251DR top freezer refrigerator in Kenya is the right appliance for your kitchen. 

This top mount fridge in Kenya comes with a capacity of up to 251L, making them ideal for your family or small business.

The REF251DR features a frost-free design that keeps food fresher longer and eliminates the need to manually defrost the fridge. 

The refrigerator also offers energy efficiency with R600a refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly than other refrigerants used in household appliances.

top freezer refrigerator in Kenya

The refrigerator comes with tampered glass shelves and the door-in-door compartment provides easy access to frequently used items without letting the cold air escape. 

Hisense REF251DR’s large fruit/vegetable crisper allows you to store more fresh produce at one time so you can stock up on healthy snacks when they’re on sale. 

And it will save you money on electricity, thanks to its Energy Star rated.

Hisense REF251DR top freezer fridge in Kenya is going for KSh50,000.

9). Hisense RD32WR4SA

Hisense RD32WR4SA

The Hisense RD-32WR4SA  is one of the best double door Hisense fridges in Kenya 

It is a 32″ tall refrigerator with 4.7 cu ft capacity and has 3 glass shelves, wide refrigerator with a total capacity of 272 liters is the ideal addition to your kitchen.

Comes with adjustable legs and an internal lamp for ease of use, plus a lock and key to keep food secure. 

The door handle is also adjustable for convenience and comfort, while the double door provides easy access to frequently used items. 

best double door Hisense fridges in Kenya 

This Hisense fridge model in Kenya features an internal fan and mechanical control with an adjustable thermostat so you can enjoy fresh produce year-round 

The product also includes 10 yrs compressor warranty which gives you peace of mind to use the product for a long time without the tension of repairing it anytime soon. 

The price of Hisense RD-32WR4SA double door fridge in Kenya is KSh54,000.

10). Hisense REF 518DR – Best Side by side Hisense Refrigerator in Kenya 518L

Best Side by side Hisense Refrigerator in Kenya 518L

The 518L Hisense refrigerator in Kenya is designed to fit the needs of every household. 

Its Total No Frost system allows you to store food without defrosting it, which saves time and energy. 

The Multi Air Flow system ensures that the cold air circulates throughout the entire interior, keeping all foods fresh. 

With its Super Cool function, this refrigerator keeps your favorite beverages at a lower temperature than normal for up to 3 hours after they have been removed from the freezer. 

518L Hisense refrigerator in Kenya

And thanks to its LED lighting, you can find what you are looking for fast.

Hisense REF 518DR is one of the best Side by side Hisense fridges in Kenya and its price is KSh110,000.

11). Hisense – Chest Freezer In Kenya – FC18DD4SA 180 LITRE

Hisense – Chest Freezer In Kenya
  • Capacity Gross (L) – 180
  • Capacity Net (L) – 150
  • Climate Type (SN/N/ST/T) – T
  • Freezer Star Rating (MS ISO 7371) – 4
  • Freezing Capacity (kg/24h) – 12
  • Temperature Range°C – tf ≤ -18°C
  • Max Noise Level dB(A) – 42
  • Power V/Hz – 220~240/50
  • Environment-Friendly Refrigerant – R600a
  • Handle – Grip F
  • Temperature Control – Mechanical
  • Panel – White
  • Basket – 1


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