The Ultimate Headphones Buying Guide in Kenya

The Ultimate Headphones Buying Guide in Kenya *UPDATED*

Looking for headphones buying guide in Kenya?

You’ve got it.

See, there are thousands of different headphones on the market in Kenya and it can be tough to find the perfect pair for you.

Here are, we talk to real-world users who have spent thousands of hours listening to hundreds of headphones.

And from that, we have developed the definitive guide for buying the best headphones in Kenya.

In a perfect world, you would go down to the store and try on a hundred different pairs of headphones.

And then eventually, you would find the perfect pair for you.

But let’s face it, you are probably going to be buying your pair of headphones on a site like Jumia Kenya to substitute your own hands-on experience.

As such, you are obviously going to have to rely on someone else’s opinion on what headphones to buy in Kenya. 

What to look for when buying headphones in Kenya

We are here to make sure you get the best and reliable information.

For this reason, make sure to take a look at expert headphones reviews in Kenya from sources that do a lot of listening to a lot of different headphones.

We review tons of the best headphones in Kenya and one of the things we think about a lot is comfort.

#1 – Comfort

At the same time, it is not a bad idea to check out other sites.

Just make sure they also say that the headphones you are looking at are comfortable.

#2 – Design

The next thing to consider is design.

In terms of design, you really have three main options.

Over ear headphones in Kenya

There are the largest headphones which are over-ears.

over ear headphones in kenya

They encapsulate your ear.

Typically, they have a better bass response and they are a little bit better and more comfortable if you are listening to music all day.

On ear headphones in Kenya

Then we move down to on-ear headphones in Kenya.

on ear headphones in kenya

These ones are a little bit more compact than over your ear headphones.

They don’t fully enclose your ears.

But they do offer a better bass response and a little bit more dynamic sound than our next option.

In-ear headphones in Kenya

in ear headphones in Kenya

In your ear headphones come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

They are great for you if you are on the go.

If you are working out.

You know, places that you don’t want to have a bulkier pair of headphones with you.

This brings us to the third thing to consider when buying headphones in Kenya.

Consider the place that you are going to be listening to music.

  • Is it somewhere that you want to have a tiny compact pair of headphones or 
  • Somewhere that you can sort of relaxing with a nice big plush pair of headphones over your ears?

Check Bluetooth earphones prices in Kenya here.

#3 – Wireless or wired headphones?

The next big thing you need to think about is whether or not you are gonna go with wireless headphones.

A lot of modern mobile phones do not have headphone jacks.

headphones jack

And since a lot of us listen to music on the go, that means wireless headphones in Kenya are the best for you.

Wired headphones typically offer a little bit higher fidelity than wireless counterparts.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about batteries when using wired headphones in Kenya.

Now, if your phone has a headphone jack,  you can get better sound quality with wired headphones.

But you have to deal with the wire.

For some people, that is an inconveniencing feature especially if you are a traveler.

  • If you love traveling, wireless headphones are the best

#4 – Noise-canceling headphones in Kenya 

Noise cancellation is another thing to consider.

In fact, companies like Bose have built their entire brand around active noise cancellation. 

With such head[hones, they make everything around you sound silent when you are on the go.

Depending on how loud your environment is or how much you travel, that might matter more or less to you if you travel.

This means that if you travel less, you are better off with noise canceling headphones in Kenya.

Here is our recommendation;

In-ear headphones are the best for those who travel less, looking for noise cancelling headphones, and would love to save a little bit of money.

Most of them provide what we call passive noise isolation, which will basically plug up your ears and block out the outside world.

That might not be quite as well as active noise cancellation, but it will do something.

In general, over-ear headphones will block out a fair amount of sound.

If you are someone who talks on the phone a lot or someone who likes using a voice assistant on your phone, consider buying a pair of headphones with an inline mic.

headphones with mic in kenya

#5 – Waterproof headphones in Kenya

If you are more active than most we, highly recommend you get a pair of headphones with an IPX rating.

waterproof headphones in Kenya

This means that they are rated to be waterproof or dustproof.

And it means that you can sweat in your headphones without worrying about them.

For example;

Another way to not worry about headphones is to get what we like to call burner headphones.

All you have to do is get a couple pairs of cheap headphones in Kenya on Jumia.

We have a list of headphones under KES 1K and you don’t have to worry about your headphones when you lose them.

You can just replace them with another cheap pair.

#6 – Type of music you like listening to

When it comes to sound quality, think about the types of music you actually listen to.

Then do your homework.

This will give you a clear insight into the type of headphone sound signature you need to enjoy the music.

Some are neutral while others have boosted bass.

For example;

The best bass headphones in Kenya are;

Here is a summary of the best headphones to buy in Kenya

To sum up our headphones buying guide in Kenya, consider the following.

Also, check out this article, which explains more on what headphones to buy in Kenya.

See the best;

  • JBL headphones in Kenya
  • Sony headphones in Kenya
  • AKG headphones in Kenya

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