eBILLl Telkom Kenya: What You Need To Know

eBILL Telkom Kenya: What You Need To Know

eBill is a service offered by Telkom Kenya that allows customers to conveniently manage and pay their bills online.

By using the eBill service, Telkom customers can access and view their bills, make payments, and keep track of their billing history electronically.

Here are some key points related to Telkom Kenya’s eBill service:

  1. eBill Service: Telkom Kenya’s eBill service enables customers to access and manage their bills online, providing a convenient way to view, pay, and keep track of billing information. It offers a digital alternative to traditional paper-based billing.
  2. Online Account: To use the eBill service, customers need to create an online account on the Telkom Kenya website. This account allows them to log in and access their billing information securely.
  3. Bill Payment Options: Telkom Kenya provides various payment options for settling bills through their eBill service. Customers can pay their bills using the T-kash app, dialing *160#, or selecting the T-kash Paybill or MPESA Paybill options.
  4. Bank Account Details: If customers prefer to make payments through direct bank transfers, Telkom Kenya provides the necessary account details, including the bank name, account name, account branch, account number, and SWIFT address.

To obtain more specific information about Telkom Kenya’s eBill service, such as the registration process and available features, it is recommended to visit the official Telkom Kenya website or contact their customer care service.


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