Does Airtel Kenya Support eSIM?

Does Airtel Kenya Support eSIM?

Yes, Airtel Kenya supports eSIM (embedded SIM) technology. The company recently introduced eSIMs to provide customers with the convenience and flexibility of using digital SIM cards.

To determine if your smartphone is compatible with Airtel Kenya’s eSIM service, you can dial *#06# on your device. If an EID (Embedded SIM ID) number appears, it indicates that your device is compatible with eSIM.

To activate Airtel eSIM in Kenya, you can visit any Airtel shop and speak with their customer service representatives. They will guide you through the eSIM setup process using a QR code.

Airtel Kenya’s eSIM service offers several benefits, such as the ability to use multiple mobile numbers on a single device, eliminating the need to carry multiple physical SIM cards.

It also simplifies device setup and reduces the risk of losing or damaging physical SIM cards.


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