Cheapest Camera Drone in Kenya

Is This The Cheapest Camera Drone in Kenya

I found the cheapest camera drone in Kenya!

You may not admit it, but drones are kind of cool tech toys. If you love music videos as I do, you must have seen really awesome aerial footage that makes you wonder, how did they shoot that?

Well, they are using drones. And this little tech stuff is really taking off in Kenya, which kind of inspired me to do some digging of the cheapest drones you can get.

Before we go further, you have to realize that you get what you pay for, even when it comes to buying drones in Kenya.

If you want really good footage, you need to spend more money to get the best drones in Kenya.

But also, you can enjoy these cool toys with just a couple of thousand shillings.

With that said, here is the cheapest drone in Kenya.

Cheapest Camera drone in Kenya


cheapest camera drone in Kenya

Fq777 124 Pocket Drone is the cheapest drone in Kenya, going for Ksh 2,193 on Jumia.

Yes, with just 2K, you can have a drone now and enjoy flying this toy around to amuse your friends.

What you need to know about this cheapest drone in Kenya

The FQ777-124 can perfectly fit your pocket, thus the name, ‘pocket drone.’

Comes with a special setup CF mode (headless mode) and one key return, demonstrating how this drone is well crafted.

The headless mode means that the drone is able to remember the orientation on which it took off.

Also, the printing of the drone gives it a unique and that attractive color design. Being small, means that you can pilot it easily even with limited space, especially indoors.

Let’s talk about its special controller.

cheapest camera drone in Kenya

It doubles as the controller and storage box. Comes with a compartment where you can store the drone and spare parts.

The special controller can achieve: carry the drone/carry spare parts/recharge the drone, also it can be put in your pocket.

As such, you don’t need an extra storage unit, apart from your carrier bag, to handle this cheapest camera drone in Kenya. Also, you can carry it anywhere.

With the two modes in the controller, MODE1/MODE2 one key switch, you can play with it whether you are a mode1er or a mode2er.

For protection against injury and damage, the drone comes with a Rotor protector.

cheapest camera drone in Kenya

Also, you get landing gears, giving you, the rotors, and motors double protection.

When it comes to charging, the FQ777 124 mini drone comes with a charging cable fixed to the bottom of the controller.

You also get a USB cable for free. 

Does it come with a camera?

Unfortunately, this cheapest drone in Kenya doesn’t come with a camera or an AV Transmitter.

But there are new models of the FQ777 124C, the ‘c’ means it has a camera. The camera is HD actually, with a resolution of 1280 x 720p.

Talking of the drone camera here is one with a camera, that costs a little higher than the above drone.

Generic Dronee 4K Camera GPS-WIFI Remote Control

cheapest camera drone in Kenya

It is a cool drone going for KES 8,000 on Jumia Kenya.

Support headless mode, Altitude Hold Mode, and comes with a camera. Also, this drone can perform a 3D flip.

To control it, you can use the app on your smartphone through remote control systems.

Summary features

  • Flying Time of up to 25mins
  • Charging Time can take between 80-100 minutes
  • Type: Remote Control/APP
  • Control Distance of up to 120M
  • Flight Distance1700M
  • Working Frequency – 2.4G
  • Wifi Frequency – 5G
  • Camera angle – 120° Wide Angle Wifi FPV
  • Video resolution-4K
  • Photo resolution 4096×3072
  • The frame rate of 25 fps

Check it now.

So you can say that these two are the cheapest drones in Kenya.

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