Can A Smartwatch Work Without a Phone in Kenya?

Can A Smartwatch Work Without a Phone in Kenya?

Smartwatches have been a popular topic in the tech world for the past few years. They are constantly being developed to be sleeker, faster, and more user-friendly. 

This is fantastic news for those who want an instantaneous answer to their texts, emails, and social media notifications as they go about their day without taking out their phone from their pocket or purse. 

But what happens when your smartwatch runs low on battery? 

Can it work without a phone?

The great thing about most smartwatches in Kenya is that there really isn’t much difference between them working with or without a smartphone nearby. 

For example, if you use Apple Watch Series 3 which has cellular connectivity built-in, all features will continue to work whether or not you have your iPhone connected via Bluetooth. 

This means that cell service will come in handy for calls and texts without having to be tethered to a phone, as well as GPS tracking should you ever lose the device.

On other smartwatch devices like Samsung Galaxy Watch, features can also continue working even when away from smartphones if the watch is within range of a paired LTE-enabled device such as a tablet or laptop computer. 

In this case, data usage may apply depending on the wireless carrier plan so it’s best to check with them before purchasing new wearable tech in Kenya. 

If the model does not support cellular connectivity but instead uses WiFi connection only then most functions including apps will still work just fine however they won’t sync back up with a primary phone until both are again connected via Bluetooth.

For most people, using a smartwatch without a phone nearby is not an option since the point of having one is to be able to stay connected and receive notifications while on the go. 

And with nearly all new models offering great battery life these days chances are your device will work for hours before needing to recharge so there really shouldn’t be any concerns about it dying in the middle of the day if you do happen to forget or lose your smartphone. 

Plus many devices can also function as standalone music players when paired with wireless headphones in Kenya, allowing users to listen to tunes stored on the watch instead of carrying around three players or smartphones. 

So what does this mean?

Basically that whether or not a smartwatch can still work without being tethered by a phone comes down to the specific model of the device and whether or not there is cellular service available. 

In most cases, you shouldn’t have a problem if your watch has an onboard music player as well since it can function without a phone nearby for hours at a time.

However, even though some smartwatches in Kenya work perfectly fine with no smartphone needed, chances are that they will be more useful when paired up with one anyway so don’t expect miracles from them either way!

In conclusion

Smartwatch devices in Kenya won’t run out of battery power quickly but those models that offer built-in cell service features may become useless once separated from their primary phones by Bluetooth range until both devices reconnect again. 

Most functions including apps will still work just fine without a phone nearby, but music playing capabilities will be limited. 

Cellular features are more useful for staying connected to the smartphone even when away from it during the day so you’re better off just using a watch in conjunction with one anyway if wanting the most out of the device.

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