How To Buy Telkom Mifi Bundles in Kenya

How To Buy Telkom Mifi Bundles in Kenya

To buy Telkom MiFi bundles, you have several options available. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Dialing *544#: One way to purchase Telkom bundles is by inserting a SIM card into a phone and dialing *544#. This USSD code allows you to access the Telkom portal and make bundle purchases.
  2. Telkom Portal: You can also buy bundles through the Telkom portal. Visit the Telkom website at and follow the instructions to purchase the desired bundles.
  3. Telkom Retail Shop: Another option is to visit the nearest Telkom retail shop. You can inquire about the available MiFi bundles and make your purchase directly at the shop.

I must tell you, Telkom offers various types of data bundles to suit different needs and durations. These bundles may include daily, weekly, monthly, XL, and 90-day options.

To find the specific bundle that suits your requirements, you can explore the Telkom portal, retail shops, or use the USSD code mentioned above.

Additionally, if you have already purchased a Telkom MiFi router and set up your SIM card, you can access the dashboard of the router by connecting to the router’s network using the default WIFI Key and browsing to on your PC’s browser.

From the dashboard, you can manage your data plan and make changes to your Wi-Fi settings.

Remember to check the specific pricing and bundle options available at the time of your purchase, as they may vary.


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