Learn how to buy a Safaricom eSIM online quickly and safely. Get step-by-step instructions and start enjoying the convenience of an eSIM today!

How To Buy Safaricom eSIM Online

Unfortunately, it seems that purchasing a Safaricom eSIM online may not be possible at the moment.

Acquisition of a Safaricom eSIM requires a visit to a physical Safaricom Shop. Here are the steps to buy a Safaricom eSIM:

  1. Visit a Safaricom Shop: To purchase a Safaricom eSIM, you will need to go to a Safaricom Shop in person.
  2. Check device compatibility: Before going to the Safaricom Shop, make sure that your device supports eSIM technology. You can find this option in your device’s network settings. For Android devices, it is usually located in the network settings, and for other devices, refer to the device’s documentation.
  3. Provide necessary documentation: When visiting the Safaricom Shop, you will need to bring the required identification documents for line registration. This may include your national identification documents, such as ID and passport.
  4. Purchase and activation: At the Safaricom Shop, you can purchase the eSIM for a fee. The current price for an eSIM with a new phone number is KSh 250, while for a SIM swap from a physical SIM card to an eSIM, the fee is KSh 150.


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