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The Best Web Hosting Company in Kenya *UPDATED*

Are you looking for the best web hosting company in Kenya?

In this article, I will reveal the top and cheapest web hosting in Kenya.

In fact, this is the same company I have trusted with several of my own websites. And I can comfortably refer my mother (huh) to host her website with them.

What is Web hosting in Kenya?

See, web hosting is a service provided by internet companies.

This is a service your blog in Kenya will rely on to stay online.

The goal here is to make your website accessible online and visible to readers.

As a service, it is available in several packages depending on the kind and amount of resources that your website requires to run smoothly online.

That explains why you see a lot of hosting packages and plans. These are nothing but resources brought together by the hosting provider to make it attractive.

Do you really need web hosting services?

There is no doubt, web hosting in Kenya is an important tool for any business. First, it empowers you to reach a ton of people over the internet.

And thanks to cheaper smartphones and affordable data bundles, over 10 million Kenyans can now access the internet.

As such, it is more vital today more than ever to have a website.

Secondly, hosting helps increase sales.


With a website, you have a central place where clients can learn more about your business. Think of it as an automated sales machine.

For example:

You can create an online shop by purchasing a domain name and building a website.

Free and Premium web hosting in Kenya

It is very much possible to get free web hosting in Kenya. In fact, companies like Truehost Cloud offers free services.

But as you will see, there is nothing actually like free lunch.

Here are some of the features of their free packages:

  • 1000MB bandwidth
  • 1GB disk space
  • Maximum of 1 domain hosted and subdomain
  • One-click installer – which means you can install scripts like WordPress easily
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Maximum of 1 database and 1 email account
  • Have a 99.999% uptime
  • 24/7 support

How to get it?

Simple, all you have to do is purchase a domain name, which is really cheap. Either go with .XYZ which is the cheapest (KES 100) or get a domain at Ksh. 499.

Once you have the domain, choose the Bronze hosting package. Because that is the free one, the other three are premium ones.

Cheapest web hosting in Kenya

If you were to buy a hosting package, how much would it cost you?

We will look at Truehost for example.

They have 3 premium packages with attractive features.

As you can tell, you need a domain name to get the free web hosting services.

Why do you need a domain name in Kenya?

A domain name is the first requirement to host a website.

It is the address people will use to access your website. Think of it as the address to your home (home here being your website). Without it, visitors will be lost and won’t even know you exist.

How to pick the best website name

Here are some tips to follow when picking a name:

  • Pick a name that is short and memorable. Avoid anything that is more than three words long.
  • Should be Brandable and not generic. Then name should be easy to turn into a business, so leave your jokes aside when choosing a domain name
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers. For example or It goes against the first tip above.
  • If possible, go for .com extension. But if you are targeting Kenyan readers, go with a.KE domain.

Use these few tips to help you pick the best name for your website.

If you are stuck, use a domain name generator like It is fast, easy to use, and has really cool website name ideas.

Why Truehost Kenya?

As mentioned earlier, I wrote about them because I host most of my websites with them.

So far, I haven’t had any bad experiences with them. The support team is really helpful, and no matter the time of the day, you can reach them.

Personally, I love using the live chat feature instead of calls or emails. But sometimes when it’s an urgent issue, I prefer calling and they pick really fast.

Generally, the Truehost cloud is an internet company offering domain registration services and web hosting services in Kenya.

They have over 5 years of experience, so you should expect them to be more helpful.

Also, they are KENIC licensed domain registrars.

Check out their services here.

Here are other providers of the cheapest web hosting in Kenya.

Cheapest web hosting in Kenya

1). WebHost Kenya

As you are doing research on the cheapest web hosting companies in Kenya you might have heard of WebHost Kenya. 

This is a limited internet solution company that is offering website solutions to individuals, SMEs, and other companies. 

As a company, they have a sole mission to enable other companies or individuals to get a secure and reliable online presence for global recognition. 

They are growing in Kenya, as they are based in Nairobi and help their clients to create, host, and also maintain websites.   

Why Choose Webhost Kenya as your Hosting Provider

  • They believe that hosting solutions are only as good as the service that accompanies them.
  • WebHost is willing to go above and beyond for each and every client.

Talking about products let’s have a look at what they offer:

Webhost Kenya Products and Services

a). Website hosting

This is one of the cheapest web hosting in Kenya.

And as the name suggests they have excelled in this service. They have four hosting plans for a client to choose from. 

cheapest web hosting in Kenya

While choosing these plans here are added features they offer 

cheapest web hosting in Kenya

b). Domains

While choosing where to buy a domain it is wise for you to research all other web hosting companies in Kenya and you might find better prices than what they offer depending on the extension you want. 

Price ranges from one company to another.

What domain name can I register through Webhost Kenya?

You can register domains in Kenya with any of the following common extensions in addition to over the 300 new generic TLDs now available .net .org .biz .info .name

This is the price range for web host Kenya.

webhost kenya domain prices

c). Cloud Storage 

Today’s businesses need end-to-end data protection that makes recovery reliable, secure, and efficient.

Webhost Kenya has ventured to integrated comprehensive data protection solutions for companies with cloud backup, also known as online backup.

This is a process whereby storing a copy of data from a company of all types and locations to an off-site server usually hosted by a third party like WebHost. 

Webhost charges a fee based on capacity, bandwidth, or number of users.

Here is a cloud pricing plan they offer:

cloud storage pricing


With the growing need for websites in Kenya WebHost has capitalized on this giving customers opportunities to own a website by developing for them. 

Even though on the emergence of free website builders like OLITT and Wix there is also a need for website customization to companies need. 

They have three basic plans for websites.

website pricing

Webhost Kenya Contact

This is how you contact Webhost Kenya 

Phone: you can call the company using the following numbers +254 700337799, 0733 808 890, 0728 787 401, 0737 919 204

Live chat: on their website you are given a pop-menu to talk to one of their customer support representatives.

2). Kenya Web Experts

Kenya Web Experts

This is another provider of the cheapest web hosting in Kenya.

One thing that is clear is that the web hosting industry in Kenya has so competitive. But despite all these, Kenya Website Experts continue to shine.


That is what we are trying to find out.

Kenya Web Experts owes its existence to only one goal, and that is to help you grow your business online in Kenya.

Have they been able to achieve that?

Well, chill because we are about to find out.

As far as I know, they brand themselves as Kenya’s No. 1 web hosting company. 

That may or may not be true, it’s entirely up to you. Among many other things they are well known for, the tops ones are:

  • High value
  • Low-cost services and products that include websites and domain names.

Comments about their team

It’s hard to say, but they come out as highly competent individuals with substantial experience.

That should come in handy considering that Kenya Website Experts deals with over 40K clients spanning over 50 countries.

And it’s not only entrepreneurs, but they also have companies, big organizations, and government entities hosting with them.

Can Kenya Web Experts be trusted?

Good question.

All I can tell you is that the company is legally registered and licensed by the Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) and Communication Authority of Kenya.

This gives them the mandate to register and administer internet domain names. So, yes, you should be okay with them.

Kenya Web Experts Products/Services and Pricing

Kenya Web Experts services

Not to waste your time, I will list their services:

a). Domains

Includes domain name registration in Kenya, renewals, transfer, and reseller. The price of domains varies depending on the registrar and of course the extension. 

Kenya Website Experts domains pricing

For example, goes for KES 969 while .africa goes for KES 1899

For example;

You can register a domain like AND start blogging.

b). Hosting

They have the following hosting plans

Kenya Web Experts hosting
  • Basic web hosting starting from KES 2100 per year to KES 14100/year
  • Business web hosting – perfect for business entities starting from KES 5100 – KES 25100.
  • Cloud hosting – the cloud is the new technology in the hosting business. Fast and secure. Pricing is between KES 19K – KES 27K per year. Learn more here.
  • Windows hosting – this is a hosting service based on Microsoft servers and technologies. If you love windows applications, you will definitely love this.

c). Resellers

This is where you get an account with Kenya Web Experts and resell them to your clients. 

Kenya Web Experts resellers

You can do that with:

  • Resell domains
  • Hosting
  • G Suite
  • SSL certificates

This way you can make money online as your own boss by starting your own business. I like the sound of that😊.

d). SSL

COMODO and GeoTrust SSL certificates. These two make your website more secure. 

Kenya Website experts ssl prices

I bet you’ve seen the green lock at the top-left corner of some websites that is a sign that the website is secure.

e). Servers

There are two types of servers: VPS servers and Dedicated servers

vps servers
  • VPS servers – hybrid of shared servers. But comes with own resources such as RAM, storage space, etc. Behaves like dedicated servers but costs less. Check their pricing here.
  • Dedicated servers – here, you rent the whole server to yourself. Unlike in some cases where you are sharing servers with other users, here, you are the only one using the entire thing.

Perfect for companies with huge demand for processing power such as banks, schools, websites receiving thousands of visits per day.

f). Email hosting

Kenya Website Experts have two options:

email hosting
  • Google G Suite email service powered by Google Inc
  • Microsoft Office 365 powered by Microsoft Inc

Email hosting is a must-have resource for every growing company.

Cloud hosting – they have Amazon Web Services (AWS) which gives you scalable cloud computing capabilities and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Kenya Web Experts Location and Contacts

Here is their contact information:

Physical Location

International House, 4th Flr, Opp Hilton Hotel | Mama Ngina Street.

P. O. Box 12198 – 00400 Nairobi, Kenya.


Phone Numbers

  • Safaricom: 0722 209 414 or 0720 858 137
  • Airtel: 0733 367 596 or 0733 675 223

Technical Support 


Have issues? Run into problems – think website configuration, installation, FTP, application, DNS, or control panel? Or just want to say hi?

Sales Inquiries 


Have several questions before you purchase? Email them.

Customer Service 


Any non-technical questions you have about hosting, products, services, and procedures.

Chat With Kenya Website Experts

  • Skype: kenyawebexperts
  • Google Talk; kenyawebexperts

There you have it, Kenya Web Experts contacts.

3). Hostpinnacle

HostPinnacle Kenya is an award-winning, experienced ICT company in Kenya that provides a range of ICT solutions to companies in East Africa and beyond. 

It is an innovator in ICT and provides its solutions to many local and international companies through its expertise. 

It has numerous innovations to its name and is a great contributor to the open-source community.

When it comes to customer support, HostPinnacle believes that when it comes to customer support is not a privilege but a right they must always enjoy. 

With a good support team if not one of the best teams you will ever find in the web hosting industry. 

HostPinnacle Kenya has risen to become the best and cheapest web hosting company in Kenya with world-class web hosting packages and affordable web design offers.

Apart from that, they offer free lifetime SSL certificates, affordable domain registration in Kenya, and free whois privacy. 

HostPinnacle Products and Services

When it comes to products and services HostPinnacle has a wider range of coverage and is one of the cheapest web hosting in Kenya.

1) Domains

The company is registered by the communication authority of Kenya and accredited by KENIC to sell domains. They have a relatively good price.

HostPinnacle Kenya dormain pricing

You can check them out for domain name registration in Kenya.

2) Web hosting

This is their core business and has hosted over 20,000 clients they have come up with good plans that fit every client on need basis and are price friendly. here are the plans they offer:

HostPinnacle Kenya web hosting plans

3) Reseller services

They do offer developers and other entrepreneurs relatively good deals and here are the plans for a reseller.

HostPinnacle Kenya reseller plans

4) Servers and VPS hosting: they are currently working to provide the plans for these services.

HostPinnacle Contact

With a great support team, they offer different types of support. Here is how you contact them:

a)     Live chat – happens to be my favorite because you don’t have to wait long and the solution is instant. Here’s a link to their support page

b)    Email – send email through

c)     Phone call – call them through 0717 148 886 / 020 7869 201. They do offer to call you just input your number in their floating phone icon and they will get back to you. 

d)    Contact form – to message them through the form using Contact Form

HostPinnacle Kenya contact form

e) Social Media:

You can contact the company through their social media accounts.

Facebook: HostPinnacle

Twitter: HostPinnacle LLC

4). Safaricom hosting

Safaricom Web Hosting

Who is Safaricom Web Hosting?

Sincerely speaking, these guys need no introduction. But for those who don’t have an idea who they are here is a brief intro.

Safaricom is a publicly traded company, listed as SCOM in Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Their journey of transforming lives began in the year 2000.

Among all the things they have done, M-PESA is on the top. It is a mobile money transfer platform that has changed millions of lives not only in Kenya but the whole of East Africa.

Their revenue alone (crossing $1billion annually) should give you a glimpse of their size and impact on Kenyan’s lives.

In a nutshell, they are Kenya’s telecom giants, leading with innovation after innovation, with the latest being Fuliza (overdraft M-PESA service).

Well, that you may know, but what you don’t know is that Safaricom is also dealing with website hosting services.

Safaricom Hosting Services and Pricing

Here are the services offered:

a). Cloud shared hosting

Safaricom Hosting features

There are four packages to choose from:

  • Bronze – costs KES 1500 per year, making it perfect for small businesses. 50MB storage, 5 email accounts, Cpanel, etc.
  • Gold package – costs KES 4K per year. Gives you everything you need to grow online
  • Premium package – goes for KES 5K paid annually.
  • Enterprise plan – sets you back KES 7100 per year but turbo-boosts your business online. Comes with 100GB storage space, 1000 email accounts, a cPanel license, etc.

All their plans come with a free website builder.

Something to note:

Safaricom Web Hosting pricing

The prices listed here are not final, they may have changed since I published this guide.

b). Safaricom domains

Besides hosting websites, they also offer domain registrations in Kenya.

All you have to do is visit and start searching your preferred domain to see if it’s available.

safaricom domain search

c). Safaricom email services

If you want to move from to something like Safaricom has your back.

If you want to boost your credibility instantly, all you need to do is get a professional-looking email address and a website with email services from us. 

You will be able to choose a unique domain name for your email and we will set up an email account for you. 

safaricom email hosting pricing

Here is why this is the best thing that ever happened to your business:

1.     Comes with a free website builder which means you don’t have to know any coding to design a website

2.     Online self-provisioning of service.

3.     It is easy to use, affordable and you don’t need to buy any hardware or software.

4.     Host not only your emails but also the website.

5.     With multiple email accounts, all of your employees can have personal accounts customized with their names

6.     Payment is made yearly and upfront (in full) before service is activated.

Safaricom contacts

You can contact Safaricom hosting through any of the following channels:

Social Media:

Customer Support Team

PrePay: Call 100 (Free), SMS 100(Free) Or +254 722 002100 (chargeable)


PostPay: 200 (Free),SMS 200(Free) Or +254 722 002200 (chargeable)


Data Queries:         

What to consider when choosing the best web hosting company in Kenya

1). Uptime

The important factor for choosing a web hosting company is their uptime. 

All of the websites hosted on the server need to be up and running 24/365, or else your site will appear offline or slow down significantly – which will hurt SEO rankings as well as frustrate users. 

If you are paying by page views, it can even cost money when visitors experience poor performance times.

This is why so many companies have abandoned ad revenue in favor of subscriptions since Google’s recent update that punishes sites with high exit rates (the percentage of people who leave after viewing just one page). 

This requirement should actually come before anything else because all other considerations depend on whether your website stays online! 

A reliable host won’t ever let their customers down.

2). Bandwidth

The best web hosting company in Kenya must be able to provide ample bandwidth for all of your site’s needs. 

Bandwidth is the amount of information that can move from one location to another in a given time period, usually measured in bytes per second – or how much data you have access to each month. 

If this number isn’t high enough (which often happens when a host underestimates their customers’ growth), then pages will load slowly and visitors won’t stick around long enough for ads on those pages to earn revenue! 

This also applies if there are too many other sites hosted with the company; they may not have additional physical servers available as backups which could lead to even greater problems down the road. 

Hosts offer unlimited bandwidth, but make sure their terms are reasonable and that you understand what ‘unlimited’ means. 

A good web hosting company in Kenya will never limit how much data you can upload, but they should offer a great deal of other value to compensate for any sudden bandwidth spikes that might affect your site’s performance.

3). Unlimited disk space

Disk space is another important factor to consider when choosing the best web hosting company in Kenya.

Website files take up storage on the server, and are often measured in megabytes or gigabytes – but this will vary depending on how many images your site uses. 

You can use Google Analytics to determine which pages get the most views, then make sure you have enough room for each file as it’s about to be uploaded! 

The best web hosting company in Kenya should offer unlimited disk space with their plans so that there won’t ever be any problems uploading new content onto your website(s). 

4). Customer support

Another big factor is a web hosting company’s customer support. 

If your server goes down and you don’t have anyone to turn to, how will you get it back online? 

The best companies out there offer 24/365 support in case anything ever happens; they should also be able to help with basic tasks like editing the website if needed so that customers won’t need extensive knowledge of HTML or other programming languages. 

This way, even those who are less tech-savvy can still manage their site without needing additional assistance!

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