7 Best Von Fridges in Kenya and Their Prices

7 Best Von Fridges in Kenya and Their Prices

You may be wondering, “What is the best Von fridges in Kenya for my kitchen?” Well, you’re not alone. 

There are so many models of refrigerators on the market that it’s difficult to choose. 

To help you out, we created this list of five of our favorite refrigerators in Kenya and what they offer.


Here are VON Hotpoint fridge prices in Kenya;

PositionProduct NameCurrent PriceOriginal PriceDiscount
1Vitron V527 Tallboy Sub Woofer Home Theatre 2.1 ChKSh 6,147KSh 10,00039%
2Amtec AM-808 Sub Woofer Sound System -BT/USB/FM-4,000 WATTSKSh 3,100KSh 3,3006%
3Vitron 2.1 CH Multimedia Speaker BT/USB/SD/FM - 9000WKSh 6,199KSh 9,99938%
4Amtec AM-01 2.1CH Multimedia Speaker BT/USB/SD/FM - BlackKSh 5,899KSh 6,80013%
5Nobel Woofer-22000W PMPO-Bluetooth/USB/SD/FMKSh 13,880KSh 19,00027%
6Amtec AM-108 2.1CH Subwoofer Home Theatre System, BT/USB/FM- AC/DC - Black/YellowKSh 3,200KSh 3,90018%
7Amtec Sound Bar Sub Woofer HOME THEATRE-BT/fm/usb-20,000WKSh 5,910KSh 6,99916%
9Sonac 3.1 Ch Bluetooth Woofer System 3D Real SoundKSh 5,500KSh 9,50042%
10Vitron V527 SubWoofer Home Theatre 2.1 With Free HeadsetKSh 6,497KSh 10,00035%
11Amtec AM-006 Amtec 15000W MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM 2.1CH FM/SD/BT/USBKSh 7,998KSh 9,50016%
12Amtec 5.1CH 10000W HI-FI SUBWOOFER FM/BT/SD/USBKSh 6,300KSh 8,00021%
14Vitron Hometheatre Subwoofer System-BT/FM/USBKSh 6,498KSh 11,00041%
15Amtec Sub Woofer Sound System-BT/USB/FM-8,000 WATTS-KSh 4,699KSh 5,50015%
17VON HA2031B/VES0202ES 2.1 Subwoofer - 20WKSh 5,195Official Store
18Vitron 3.1 HOME THEATER SYSTEM BLUETOOTH - 10000W.KSh 5,548KSh 6,99921%
19T&G Portable Bluetooth Speaker-Subwoofer-Phone StandKSh 590KSh 1,00041%
20Amtec 2.1CH HOME THEATRE SYSTEM USB/SD/FM 5000W-Amtec Blue/RedKSh 3,800KSh 4,50016%
22Amtec Amtec-609 3.1 Multimedia Sound System 8000W BLACKKSh 5,000KSh 7,50033%
24Vitron Modern Day Classic Hometheatre Music System 2.1CHKSh 6,499KSh 12,20047%
25WEYON 817 3.1ch Blutooth Speaker Home ThreaterKSh 5,990KSh 9,58838%
26Vitron Superior Bass Subwoofer-BT/USB/MC/FM Radio-BlackKSh 6,699KSh 11,28941%
27Nunix Mini HomeTheater ,sub Woofer Speaker System M8KSh 5,789KSh 8,86535%
28Vitron V643 3.1CH HI-FI MULTIMEDIA SEAKER SYSTEMKSh 5,597KSh 6,99920%
29Amtec 2.1CH AC/DC Sub Woofer FM USB Bluetooth SD FM AUXKSh 3,699KSh 5,50033%
30Amtec AM-011 Sub Woofer Bluetooth,FM,USB-2.1 CHKSh 3,878KSh 5,43329%
31Homestar HS-1092 3.1CH BLUETOOTH SPEAKER SYSTEM - 45000WKSh 6,490KSh 10,20036%
32Iconix Sub Woofer HOME THEATRE- BLUETOOTH- USB/FMKSh 3,899KSh 5,99935%
33Vitron 3.1C SUB-WOOFER SYSTEM 10000W+Free 8gb Flash+ 4WayKSh 6,498KSh 11,99046%
34Ampex 2.1CH Subwoofer System USB/BT/SD/FM RadioKSh 3,699KSh 7,10048%
35Amtec 2.1CH Sub Woofer 3000 Watts , Bluetooth , FM , USB + Free ExtensionKSh 3,999KSh 6,00033%
37Vitron 2.1CH Amazing Home Theatre System Earth ShakingKSh 6,299KSh 8,99930%
38Vitron Bluetooth Enabled Hometheatre Music System 3.1CHKSh 5,789KSh 11,00047%
39Amtec 3.1CH SUPER BASS 20000W PMPO BT/USB/SD/FMKSh 6,999KSh 7,99913%
40Vitron Top Ultra Bass Subwoofer Music System BT/USB/FMKSh 6,095KSh 12,06049%

Note, the prices are not constant, they change. Make sure to check the latest price of your preferred Von fridge in Kenya.

1). VON VARM-11DHS Mini Fridge 90L

best Von fridges in Kenya

The VON VARM-11DHS is a mini refrigerator in Kenya with a capacity of 90 Liters. 

It has a direct cooling system, which means it does not have any compressor or condenser. 

The compressor and condenser are the two major components in refrigerators that consume more energy as they run on high power to keep the cool air inside the refrigerator. 

This type of mini fridge in Kenya does not require any repair or maintenance because it is made up of low-tech materials like plastic and rubber. 

They are also very easy to clean and maintain, making them highly convenient for use, making it one of the best Von fridges in Kenya.

This best Von mini fridge in Kenya is going for KES 18,995 on Jumia.

2). VON VART-18DMS Double Door Fridge – 138L

VON VART-18DMS Double Door Fridge - 138L

This is another one of the best Von fridges in Kenya.

VON VART-18DMS Double Door Fridge is a 138 Litres double door fridge with an in-built cool pack (longer cooling retention during power cuts) and a 4 Star Freezer Rating (high cooling efficiency). 

It has an elegant recessed handle, tropicalized compressor, thick thermal insulation, and interior lighting. 

The freezers have a lock with the key provided. 

The fridge comes with transparent door racks, an ice and egg tray provided, and Toughened glass shelves. It also has a Fruit and vegetable box.


This 2 door Von Hotpoint fridge in Kenya is going for KSh 33,495 on Jumia.

3). VON HCFH120SS/VAFC12DUS Showcase Freezer

VON HCFH120SS/VAFC12DUS Showcase Freezer

VON HCFH120SS/VAFC12DUS Showcase Freezer is designed to store frozen food. 

It has thick thermal insulation, wheels for easy movement, one basket, and one separator. 

This Von showcase Freezer in Kenya is silver aluminum lined with a CFC-free compressor. 

This model has a fast freeze option, lamps, and low noise levels. It also features an external condenser.

Freezing capacity: 20 kg per 24 hours (at -18°C)

Power consumption: 180 W.

This is one of the best Von fridges in Kenya for businesses selling perishable stuff like meat and fruits.

This Von Hotpoint fridge in Kenya is going for KSh 29,995 on Jumia.

4). VON HRN-472S/VART-47NHS Double Door Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer

VON HRN-472S/VART-47NHS Double Door Refrigerator, Top Mount Freezer

The VonHaus 472S/VART-47NHS is a Double Door No Frost Refrigerator that has 341 Litres Capacity. It has an Energy Rating of A, making it one of the best Von fridges in Kenya. 

The Freezer Rating of this refrigerator is 4 Star and it features In-Built 2 L Water Dispensers. 

This refrigerator also comes with Chiller Compartment, Moisture Control Vegetable Box, and many more features.

If you are looking for the best fridge in Kenya under 80K, then this Von Hotpoint refrigerator is for you.

It is going for KSh 72,995 on Jumia.

5). VON VART-25NHS Double Door Fridge 220L

VON VART-25NHS Double Door Fridge 220L

This is another one of the best Von fridges in Kenya under 60K.

VON VART-25NHS is a 220L refrigerator with a double door and no frost technology. 

The chiller compartment can increase the temperature of the food for up to 48 hours, which makes it perfect for storing meats and fish. 

It has a large freezer compartment that allows you to store ice cream or frozen foods. 

Also comes with 2 egg trays and an ice tray. 

There are glass shelves in the fridge as well as transparent door racks, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for. 

The lock and key provide extra security while the silver finish ensures this awesome Hotpoint fridge in Kenya blends well with your decor.

This Von double door fridge in Kenya is going for KSh 52,995 on Jumia.

6). VON VARS-21DHK – Best Von Single Door Fridge in Kenya

Best Von Single Door Fridge in Kenya

VON VARS-21DHK is a semi-automatic refrigerator with a large fruit and vegetable box.

It has direct cool, chiller compartment, and large freezer compartment. 

This fridge in Kenya is available in black color with the dimensions of 590x600x850 (mm).

The Toughened glass shelves are removable for easy cleaning and the door bins have adjustable heights to keep your food organized and neat. 

There is also a water dispenser to provide you with fresh drinking water. This refrigerator’s energy efficiency class is A+++.

Von Vars-21DHK is one of the highest-rated best Von fridges in Kenya, going for KSh 32,995 on Jumia.



VON VART-34NGK is a brand new Top Mount No Frost refrigerator from VON in Kenya. 

It has a capacity of 34 liters and features Cool Shower technology for efficient cooling. 

The top mount design also helps to save space in your kitchen as it does not occupy the space below the countertop like bottom-mounted refrigerators do.

The refrigerator comes with Stay-Cool Technology that keeps food fresh for a longer time by retaining cool during power cuts or when you open the doors frequently. 

The LED lighting inside makes it easy to see what’s inside even during nighttime.

The price of his no-frost Von fridge in Kenya is KSh 54,995 on Jumia.

8). VON VART 28NGS – Fridge, Top Mount Freezer, 225L

VON VART 28NGS - Fridge, Top Mount Freezer, 225L

Von Vart’s 225L top mount refrigerator is the perfect addition to your kitchen in Kenya

With its Tower Cooling Ventilation System, it keeps your food fresher for longer by circulating cool air around the interior of the fridge. 

You can also enjoy freshness for up to 72 hours after you’ve opened a bottle of wine thanks to this model’s Deep Bottom Chiller Tray. 

The Tower Cooling Ventilation System also prevents odors from building up inside the fridge, so that nothing spoils easily.

Von Vart is one of the best Von fridges in Kenya under 55K, and is going for KSh 53,900 on Jumia.

9). VON HPBC198W/VARV19DAS Vertical Cooler

VON HPBC198W/VARV19DAS Vertical Cooler

This is a high-quality, durable, and reliable Vertical Cooler with a lockable double glass door, and one of the best Von fridges in Kenya. 

The cooler has an adjustable shelf with hooks to hold bottles or cans. 

It also comes with a lamp, which you can easily turn on/off by pressing the switch located at the back of the cooler.

The vertical design of this cooler makes it perfect for supermarkets, bars, restaurants, and other places where space is limited. 

This cooler will keep your food fresh longer than standard coolers thanks to its powerful fan-assisted cooling system.

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It is built to be efficient in storing your food and drinks and performs its functions while keeping an eye on your energy bills. 

It keeps your food fresh while keeping your power bill manageable. It is a cooler that is designed for low energy consumption and makes no noise at all. 

It has a light inside that makes it adaptable to use even at night.

This Von vertical cooler is going for KSh 54,995 ON Jumia.

10). VON VARB-33NHS Fridge, Bottom Mount Freezer, 253L

VON VARB-33NHS Fridge, Bottom Mount Freezer, 253L

If you are looking for a large Hotpoint fridge in Kenya, this is it.

Von VarB 253L no frost refrigerator is ideal for any kitchen. 

It features a top freezer compartment with 3 spacious storage drawers, electronic temperature control with 6 different cooling speeds and super cool function, as well as tempered glass shelves in the fridge compartment. 

The Von VARB 253L no frost refrigerator in Kenya also has large door pockets to keep your groceries organized.

This bottom-mounted refrigerator comes with three spacious storage drawers and two separate compartments: one for food and drinks, and one for frozen foods. 

And this is another one of the best Von fridges in Kenya going for KSh 64,995 on Jumia.

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What to look for in a Von Hotpoint fridge in Kenya

Now that you know of the best Von fridges in Kenya, let us discuss what to consider when buying one.

a). Budget 

Your budget will determine a lot about the type of refrigerator you can get, so it’s important to set one before going shopping.

b). Size 

This is probably the most obvious factor in your decision-making process as well as the least flexible 

d) Energy Usage 

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly fridge, look at models with high star ratings and low energy usage.

e). Water Dispenser 

Do you want a water dispenser on your fridge or not? 

Some fridges in Kenya offer this feature while others don’t; if having easy access to cold drinking water sounds like something that would be beneficial to you, make sure to find out whether or not each model has a built-in faucet! 

g). Adjustable Shelves 

This is another feature that’s not necessarily universal among all fridges; some come with adjustable shelves while others don’t. 

Make sure to research whether the model you’re interested in has this option if it would be important for your lifestyle!

h). Fast Cooling Technology 

Some of these best Von fridges have fast cooling technology, which means they can cool down faster than usual after opening the door. 

If you like to open and close your fridge frequently (which isn’t recommended), look out for models equipped with this feature! 

i) Water Filter 

While most modern fridges in Kenya are water-resistant, many still lack a built-in water filter. 

That being said, certain brands offer high-quality filters so when buying a new fridge, this might be a good feature to consider.

j). Freezer 

In addition to having enough space for fresh foods and beverages, is the freezer section deep enough so you can store as much food as possible? 

Also, does it have an ice maker or not? 

If yes, how many different types of ice cubes are available with the model in question- cubed or crushed.

k) Defrosting 

The best Von fridges in Kenya will automatically defrost when needed; if that’s something important to you make sure your next refrigerator has automatic thawing capabilities!

l) Noise Level 

Depending on where you’re going to put your new refrigerator (and what room), finding one that runs quietly may be necessary. 

If you’re going to put it in a bedroom, look for a model that runs as quietly as possible.

Well, this is a complete list of the latest Von Hotpoint fridges in Kenya you can buy today.

You can find how fridges work and why you need one.

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