Secrets to Buying the Best Fridge in Kenya

6 Insider Secrets to Buying the Best Fridge in Kenya

When looking to buy the best fridge in Kenya, there are many factors that people often forget about. In this blog post, I will share six secrets you should use when buying a new fridge for your home. 

These include size, energy efficiency, price point, design, and style of the refrigerator/freezer section along with the freezer on top or bottom.

1).  Size of the fridge

Refrigerators in Kenya come in different sizes (i.e., compact, standard, and extra-large).  

It is important to determine how much space you need before buying a new refrigerator. 

Also, remember that refrigerators have adjustable shelves which can be moved down or up.

So, if your family doesn’t eat as many leftovers anymore then consider moving some things around so you are utilizing all of the storage space inside the refrigerator.  

If there isn’t enough room in your fridge for everything with ease, it will cause frustration leading to less time being spent preparing meals at home.  

This could lead to more takeout food options which would cost more money than cooking at home!

2).  Energy Efficient

It is important to buy an energy-efficient fridge because the cost of operating a refrigerator is expensive over time. 

The average household spends around $110 per year on their appliances according to Energy Star. 

By choosing one that is “Energy Star” rated, you can save about $50-$75 annually in electricity costs. 

This will add up quickly! 

The truth is that most people don’t change out their old fridges for new ones when they stop working or become inefficient (at least here in Kenya). 

So, if yours isn’t super energy efficient anymore then it might be worth looking into getting something newer and more modern.

3). Price Point

Now that you have determined what size refrigerator will work best for your home, it is time to look at the price point.  

It is important not to go too cheap or else quality might suffer and things could break down much faster than expected. 

Just because a fridge looks nice on the outside doesn’t mean everything works great inside either! 

With this in mind, try looking for ones with features such as LED lighting which are typically more expensive but last longer.

Also, stainless steel fridges in Kenya (even if they aren’t “energy efficient”) tend to be pretty reliable overall so think about splurging here instead of other areas like size/features.  

Here are the best Hisense fridges in Kenya and their prices

4). Design and Style of the Fridge/Freezer Section

When looking at a refrigerator, think about what you would like aesthetically speaking. 

There are lots of different styles to choose from but consider your home’s overall style as well as colors that might work best with other appliances in the kitchen. 

It is also important not to forget the freezer section either since this will help keep things nice and cold when needed!  

When buying a fridge in Kenya it is a good idea to look beyond just square footage (i.e., voltage). 

Doing so could save money on energy costs in the long term plus make preparing meals at home more enjoyable rather than frustrating! 

Also, remember to take into consideration aesthetics along with features because these can affect how often you use the appliance in the long run.

5). Features

One type of feature that might be important is an ice maker. 

If you like to enjoy cold drinks then this will help save money in the long run (even if it seems like a “luxury” at first). 

Also consider things such as freezer compartments on top or bottom, adjustable shelves, and LED lighting which are known for lasting much longer than other models.

Depending upon your family’s needs, these could make all the difference when looking towards adding more storage space inside your new refrigerator!

Here are Samsung fridges in Kenya and their prices

6). Read reviews online

After narrowing down your best fridges in Kenya options, read reviews online to see what others who have purchased the same make and model think about their appliance. 

Overall, this should help you feel more confident in making a purchase decision. 

Just keep in mind that even if there are negative comments made by others about a product, it doesn’t mean that a particular brand or model won’t work for you! It’s always best to try things out for yourself while keeping these helpful tips in mind along with looking at energy-efficient fridges (if possible). 

Do not let price point dictate everything either because quality is important too plus certain features could end up saving money over time like an ice maker which would allow people to use filtered water from the fridge instead of buying bottled drinks at the store.

Thanks for reading! 

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