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5 Best Double Oven Electric Range Reviews

The best double oven electric range in 2022 doesn’t take as much space as a double wall oven, but it brings excellent cooking convenience to a modern kitchen. These ranges have two ovens in a 30-inch range space. Instead of the drawer in the single oven range, they have a second oven.

Some still spare some space for a storage drawer. You can use the top oven for frozen pizza, trim chicken, and baking sheets. The lower oven is large enough to fit a 20-pound turkey.

Can the Best double oven electric range Replace the Double Wall Oven?

A double wall oven comes in handy when you need two full-size ovens in your home. The double oven electric range offers one almost full-size oven and another smaller oven. The two ovens sit low on the ground, unlike the double wall oven that sits in an easy-to-reach area. If you do not need a full-size oven often, you can take the double oven electric range instead of a double wall oven. However, if you always use the full-size oven, the double wall oven comes in handy.

The smaller double oven electric range is a more convenient option for not needing the bulky wall oven.

One advantage of the double oven electric range is that it does not require a lot of space, and it doesn’t need professional installation. It comes either as a freestanding or slide-in range that you can use with great ease.

You do not need to renovate your kitchen, and it comes with a cooktop for great versatility. Another advantage is that you get to use the two ovens simultaneously. If you do not use the two ovens at the same time, then what is the point of even having them?

Choosing Range Designs

Electric oven ranges come in two designs:

  • Freestanding – You only need to plug these ranges in, and they are good to go. You can slide the oven into the space in your cabinetry or leave them to stand anywhere there is enough space in your kitchen. Some freestanding ranges feature control in front of the cooktop for convenient operation. This gives them the feeling of a slide-in oven.
  • Slide-In – The sides of slide-in ranges are not finished as they are meant to slide into space. They lack blackguards, and their controls are in front. Their tight fit and the fillers that come with the ranges give them a built-in look that makes them look beautiful. Unlike freestanding ovens, these look nicer, and they are easy to clean. However, you will pay more for them.

Choosing the Cooktop

The cooktop is as important as the ovens. You might even use the cooktop more than the ovens in your range if you make food at home every day. Cooktops come in three types:

  • Open Coil – This is a coil plate that features an older technology. They are cheaper than other cooktops. You will also find them and replace them with ease, but they are not safe, especially in a home with children. They are not easy to clean, common in more affordable freestanding ranges.
  • Smooth-Top Radiant Electric – In these cooktops, the coiled element is placed between the ceramic glass top and tempered glass. They sport a smooth and sleek surface that is easier to clean and has flexible width elements. Instead of one, the cooktop might come with two or three aspects for faster cooking. You can also adjust the cooking surface to match the size of your cooking vessel. Be sure not to scratch the glass surface.
  • Induction – They sport the same glass-ceramic surface as in radiant cooktop. Instead of heating elements, they use magnets beneath the glass. They heat the cooking surfaces through these magnets. These modern cooktops create a magnetic field with the iron in your cookware through which they heat the pan directly.

This works differently from the radiant cooktops that heat the pan indirectly. The unit does not generate any heat without magnetic induction. This makes the cooktop safer and more efficient than the other cooktops. Some advanced models use virtual heat to give you an idea of how hot the frame is.

While induction cooktops will cost you more, they offer many benefits such as fast changes to heat settings, safer, faster, and energy-efficient. Studies show that induction cooktops will transfer up to 90 percent of the heat they produce to the food.

However, you are forced to invest in new cookware. It only works with flat-bottomed cookware. It also doesn’t work with aluminum, copper, and some stainless steel cookware. If a magnet sticks to cookware, the cookware will be helpful with an induction cooktop.

Picking the Right Capacity

Although double electric ranges have one small and one larger oven, they are not all created equal. The larger oven is anywhere between 3 and 5 cubic feet, enough to hold a sizeable 20-pound turkey.

The smaller range will be smaller, and you can only use it for small chicken, pizza, and baking sheets. If you do not need so much space, you can opt for a smaller electric oven range as it will cost less.


How much space do you have for the double electric oven range? Most ranges are 30 inches wide and come at different heights. If you choose to buy a slide-in range, check the height of your cabinets and countertop. ICC Codes require a 30-inch space between the cabinets and the oven to avoid the risk of fire.

Additional features

You might need many other features such as delay-bake, delay start, timed cook function, self-cleaning function, lock controls, steam cleaning, fast preheating, meat probes, and smart controls.

You also need to ensure that your double oven range is safe with an anti-tipping bracket. There are so many cases of accidents with range ovens. The Consumer Product Safety Commission lays out the issues of accidents with oven ranges. A range hood is not a regulated requirement, but if you want to stay healthy in your kitchen, a double electric range hood is needed.

Best Double Oven Electric Range

  1. Verona 36-Inch Electric Double Range Convection


  • This is a convection electric double oven range, making it safer and more efficient. It sports an easy-to-clean porcelain top that is cool to touch.
  • It sports stainless steel sides, making it easy to clean and durable. Stainless steel surfaces match the décor in any kitchen. Better yet, the surfaces resist corrosion and stains. Its knobs are chrome, and the bezels are stainless steel.
  • The unit contains five sealed elements with a dual center element and a black ceramic cooktop. It has a full-width storage compartment and a 2-inch backyard.
  • It is easy to install and contains high-quality oven racks to last long. On the controls is a programmable digital clock with a timer for efficient cooking.


  • The main oven is only 2.4 cubic feet, while the smaller one is 1.5 cubic feet, which is smaller.
  • You might need new cookware for the convection heating.
  1. Café 30-inch Smart Slide-In Induction and Convection Oven


  • This uni6 comes with an 11-inch induction element that boils water fast and is efficient in 101 seconds. It also maintains the perfect temperature for when you need melting and simmering.
  • It comes with video-guided recipes as a bonus to guide you on the first use of the oven. With its two independent ovens, you can make two foods simultaneously.
  • It offers self-cleaning features, but you can also steam clean the unit for enhanced cooking hygiene.
  • It is larger than the first, with a total oven capacity of 6.7 cubic feet. This is large enough for when you have a whole turkey or you have several foods to cook at once.
  • It uses advanced technologies such as True Convection coupled with Precise Air in its lower oven to make it more efficient.
  • The stainless steel surfaces make the unit attractive while ensuring it remains clean.


  • You will pay relatively more for this oven, thanks to its smart features and its somewhat larger capacity.
  1. LG 7.3 Cubic Feet Double Oven Range with ProBake Convection


  • This unit is for homeowners who need more space. This is one of the largest oven ranges in the class of double ovens, with a 7.3 cu. Ft space. You can use pans, pots, and skillets as you need. The lower oven has a 4.3 cu. ft. capacity.
  • ProBake Convection offers great baking on every rack. It uses a heating element positioned at the back to ensure enough heat distribution on all racks.
  • Each double oven comes with LG EasyClean, which allows you to clean the oven in 10 minutes or less. You need to spray the interior space with water and press EasyClean.
  • The cooktops quickly clean with 3200 watts to boil your water or food fast. You can adjust the size of the cooktop to match your cookware as you need.
  • It comes with easy-to-use controls with a VFD display, coking reminder, and front-top control knobs. You can change the oven cooking modes to meet your needs.


  • Its stainless steel surfaces might rust on the edges if you expose them to water. This is not something expected of stainless steel.
  1. GE Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range


  • The unit comes with a removable drawer where you can store your kitchen accessories and cookware. This full-length storage is not available in most double oven ranges.
  • It comes with a fifth heating element that offers low heat when you need to simmer food or cooking that requires low heat.
  • You can configure the two oven racks in six positions to handle different baking needs.
  • It offers a 5.3 cubic feet oven capacity, which may not be the largest, but is sufficient enough to accommodate large food items.
  • The range comes with a stainless steel surface, which is easy to clean and durable. It also has easy to use control knobs.
  • The top surface is smooth and easy to clean too.


  • The top surface stains fast and might even tint. This makes the top of the unit look ugly and stains any other items you might place on the oven.
  1. Samsung 5.9 cu. ft. Flex Duo and Dual-Door Electric Oven


  • It offers the Flex Duo feature, which allows you to regulate the temperature of every oven separately. Its dual door feature will enable you to access the top oven or the bottom oven.
  • Each range offers dual-convection, which has two powerful features to circulate the heat evenly inside the oven for even cooking.
  • This is a smart unknit that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to monitor the cooking process remotely.
  • It comes with an ample storage space where you can store your pans and pots. Further, it has a soft close door that will close without sound.
  • There is a side view mirror that allows you to monitor the progress of the food being cooked.
  • Each unit has five burners that you can adjust to match the size of your cookware.


  • You will have to pay more for the smart oven range.


The best double oven electric range comes in handy when you always cook most of your meals in the oven. With the top and bottom ovens, you can cook two meals at the same time, which saves you time and resources.

These two ovens are separate on most units, so the temperature of the lower oven does not affect that of the top oven.

When shopping, your needs will determine the oven you pick. Our recommendation is the Café 30-inch Smart Slide-In Induction and Convection Oven. It offers sufficient capacity with induction and convection for better heating. It also has fast-heating features, easy to use controls, a great size, and safety features.

It offers an outstanding balance between functionality, efficiency, and cost. Suppose you need a smart option, the Samsung 5.9 cu. ft. Flex Duo and Dual-Door Electric Oven is the only one that offers such capability.

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