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    Pig production in Kenya has a long history dating back to 1904 when the first pigs were imported into the country from Seychelles.

    The production of surplus cereals and skim milk provided the basis for pigs as a subsidiary for the British settlers who operated large-scale commercial farms during the colonial period (1900-1963) but since then pig rearing has been in the hands of small scale farmers who now constitute up to 70% of the total pig farmers.

    The industry has been in the hands of the private sector for many years, apart from the time when Uplands Bacon factory under the Pig Industry Board had the monopoly. The factory collapsed and was wound up in 1987.


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Recent Reviews

  1. James
    Version: 1.0
    Very Nice Guide. Quite on point!
    These are my reasons for venturing into Pig farming:

    1. Pigs have low mortality rate compared to other animals. They are more rugged and easier to raise. They can also survive days without food or water.

    2. Pigs are also cheaper to raise compared to fishes or poultry because they can eat most foods that humans eat and even if you have to buy feed for them, their feeds are cheaper than those of other animals. If you do not have money for fancy pig feed, you can always make do with stuff you can find around you or food wastes from your kitchen. This is totally impossible with fishes.

    3. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about people stealing your pigs because most people would not touch live pigs with a 6-feet pole.

    4. The immune system of pigs is higher than other animals. As long as you give them the needed vaccines regularly, they would not fall sick. The same cannot be said for chickens which could be wiped out in one fell swoop by a disease outbreak.

    5. Pigs also generate more profit and if you ever get tired of pig farming, you could easily dive into real estate, using your pig farm as your first construction site.